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There is still time to contribute to holiday spiritCommunity Chest Jeju aims to raise 1.6 billion won by Jan. 31 for 7 groups in need
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승인 2011.01.02  17:30:35
페이스북 트위터
Perhaps the Korean holiday spirit is lost in a mix of two ideas – Christmas Day means no work or school for most, and the younger generation may fear a “Solo Christmas,” an aptly used Konglish expression meaning time spent alone without a significant other on the 25th.

Albeit, there is something more meaningful found on the island during the holiday season. The universal tenet of giving is seen in the fundraising actions of Community Chest Jeju.

Its “Hope 2011 Sharing Campaign” has raised 505,987,000 won through Dec. 24. The program started the first of the month and continues through Jan. 31. There is still time to give.

According to Community Chest Jeju Manager Kang Jung Yun, the numbers have decreased by 19.8 percent, about 124,861,000 won, compared to last year.

“The reason seems to be the influence of corruption scandals that happened in another region last October,” he said. “We are focusing efforts to be a just and transparent Community Chest through new renovations.”

The goal is to raise 1.6 billion won by the end of its run.

Where the money goes is clear. Seven areas are targeted, Kang said. Two are directly related to the disabled. These include supporting an independence and rehabilitation program and campaigning for improvements in recognition of the disabled.

In addition, supporting medical and basic-living fees for the underprivileged – seniors living alone, single-parent families and multi-cultural families – is emphasized. Also emphasized are help for underfed children and aid for the juvenile protection (curfew) campaign.

Lastly, the Hope 2011 Sharing Campaign will provide support to specific programs within the island’s welfare organizations and offer vehicles to them where applicable.

Community Chest Jeju is one of 16 regional community chests under the auspices of a single central Korean organization established in April 1999.

Kang broke down the numbers for this year’s campaign so far: 3,507 contributors, consisting of 3,252 individuals, 164 organizations and 91 companies, have participated.

How is Community Chest Jeju promoted?

“Since the launch of the campaign, we are continuously requiring organizations and companies to promote and participate in the fundraising campaign,” Kang said. “Also, we are now sending e-mails; establishing collection boxes in government offices, post offices and banks; raising campaigns at newspaper and broadcasting companies; opening accounts for credit transfer; and receiving calls.”

During the off-season, Community Chest Jeju promotes stories about the people they are helping and solicits organizations and companies to give during this time of year.

There are currently several ways for foreigners to get involved. Directly, one can call a local social welfare organization to volunteer.

“Or, if you call Community Chest Jeju, we can recommend a welfare facility within the region and take the objective into consideration,” Kang said, adding that anyone can participate with donations at a local government office, post office, or bank where a “Fruit of Love” collection box is present or at broadcasting companies such as MBC, JIBS and KCTV.

Finally, money can be donated to Community Chest Jeju by bank transfer to Nonghyup (963-17-003420) and Jeju Bank (03-13-004820) or by dialing ARS at 060-700-1212 for 2,000 won per call.

On Dec. 3, Community Chest Jeju held a fundraising ceremony for the purpose of the 2010 Love Kimchi Sharing Project (100 million won), Supports for Neglected Children and Juveniles in Danger (240 million won), Mobile Launderette Project (150 million won), and Happiness Delivery Vehicle Project (180 million won).

Kim Soon Do, Community Chest Jeju president, noted that citizen sharing makes many surprising differences in the lives of needy neighbors and welfare recipients on the island.

He added: “We request Jeju citizens to actively take part in the campaigns.”

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