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People of Jeju express their hopes for 2011
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승인 2011.01.16  15:37:37
페이스북 트위터
“Our Nepalese community in Jeju had a New Year’s party on Dec. 31 where we wished for harmony and happiness between the Nepalese and Korean people. Now let’s enjoy the New Year!”

Kamal Bishow Krma
Owner of Indian restaurant ‘Rajmahal,’ his wife Lee Hyun Sim and 1-year-old son Anbes Kamal

Eun Su: “I want to live happily together, and we hope to have twins in the New Year.”
Hyoung Chan: “I will start a new job this year so I hope for a thriving business.”

Kim Hyoung Chan,
Kim Eun Su
An engaged Jeju couple

Lee: “I hope to revitalize the Jeju tourism industry.” On a personal note she said she would “... try going on a diet.”
Hong: “We really hope to increase the number of foreign visitors in Jeju. We especially wish to be selected as one of the New7Wonders with [the] votes of Jeju islanders, mainland Koreans and people throughout the world.”

Lee Young Mi, Hong Kyeong Hee
Korea Tourism Organization Jeju office staff

Min Hee: I aim to “... finish my major at Korean National Open University with a scholarship.”
Myung Hee: “I expect lots of new experiences during my internship program in Canada starting in April.”

Lee Myung Hee,
Lee Min Hee
Twin sisters and middle school English teachers

“Actually, in February, we will have a precious daughter Hyun Seo. We hope to raise our baby healthily and live happily together. We will encourage cultural events for visitors at Jeju Airport. The airport will be a culture port this year.”

Kim Min Cheol
Customer Services Team manager of Korea Airports Corporation and his wife Hyong Sun Yeo

“I hope to win the lottery and I want to have a cute little baby. I wish to live happily with my family.”

Min Sun Kyu

“I just want to live happily and enjoy my lovely life with my family and friends. I hope everything goes well this year.”

Seo Ji Yeon
Server at Gecko’s restaurant

“I hope that Jeju’s economy will get better and [improve] the economic conditions for low-income citizens. I hope that jobs for the elderly will [be] created in the New Year. I just want to live with [everyone] peacefully and comfortably.”

Park Won Il
Parking lot manager for Jeju Venture Maru building

“I will enter middle school in this year so I hope that I will be a well-proportioned beautiful woman.”

Im Ye Soul
Middle school student

“In this year, I hope to live happily with my family and I hope my mother gets well soon and [2011 will see her] in good condition.”

Ju Han Na
Private tutor

“We’ve lived [through] another bumpy year last year, going though lots of ups and downs. This year, however, I wish everyone in the island the best of luck and a peaceful life. I wish, in particular, that nothing untoward that might worry the island’s elders will happen this year.”

Yun Seung Seop
Coffee roaster and owner of ‘Sinbi’s Love’

“I hope that the WCC (World Conservation Congress) 2012 in Jeju will go smoothly and favorably without any glitches and encourage Jeju islanders to become interested in the MICE (Meetings, Incentive tours, Conventions, Exhibitions) industry in Jeju.”

Oh Yu Kyung
ICC JEJU manager

“I hope to learn foreign languages including Chinese, Japanese, and English and I want to meet more Chinese visitors.”

Yang Hye Eun
Duty-free sales clerk

“Whole farms in Korea are having a hard time because of foot-and-mouth disease. We will make every effort to prevent an outbreak of the disease.”

Oh Min Cheol
Distributor of stock farm products

“I hope the road to peace runs through Jeju Island in 2011. I hope the cries of the Gangjeong villagers can be heard. We shouldn’t see them as criminals. We should be voices for them, the voiceless.”

Lee Jung Hoon
Pastor at Evergreen Church, Shin Jeju, and peace activist who was arrested while protesting the construction of the naval base in Gangjeong

“My biggest wish for 2011 is that the proposed Byun Shi-Ji museum will be built so I can donate 500 pieces from my lifetime of work. I believe that an artwork belongs to the artist while it is underway, but once done, it belongs to everyone. I hope to donate all of my work before I die.”

Byun Shi-Ji
Jeju-born painter

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