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Screen golf charity drive scores big, but with a twistThe Weekly's golf writer Daniel McNamee reports on the 1st Jeju Furey Screen Golf Tournament
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승인 2011.03.14  17:28:58
페이스북 트위터
On March 12, the inaugural Jeju Furey Screen Golf Tournament was held at Golf 19 in Jeju City. Eleven teams of four competed in an effort to have the lowest team score on the Nine Bridges simulation course. After 18 holes the lowest score for the team was recorded for each hole. The format of the tournament ensured that a real team effort was required to win, since only four or five holes were allowed to be recorded from each player.

The winners of the tournament played masterfully recording an overall team score of 75 on the par 72 course. It seemed that whenever they were not going to score a par someone would step up. One member Thomas McCluskey played his best golf ever apparently scoring just a few strokes over his usual nine hole score.

Gideon Williams of the same team was able to par several holes and really bring his game together after some early trouble, finally scoring a crucial par on the difficult 18th. The team’s third member Aaron Leslie was not having his best game, but when the team needed him on the 16th and 17th holes he was there with two pars. Finally the team was lead by this author, with a one under par after the first three holes, and a final score of 91.

The second place team, lead by Tim LaTour who scored an amazing nine over par over 18 holes, had a total team score of 76. On the final hole, Matt Harris, who was not in the tournament, reportedly telephoned Tim while he was attempting a birdie putt on the 18th hole. He missed the putt, possibly blowing his team’s chance at winning the very prestigious tournament.

It is understandable that some people received telephone calls near the end of the tournament since it went longer than expected due to the fact that four players in a single room tend to complete a game very slowly. Many less experienced groups took a long time to complete their rounds.

One team of girls who had no golfing experience were unable to complete their round because they found it too difficult. Women played from the ladies’ tee and with the simulation set to beginner giving them a power boost and made balls around the cup more likely to go in.

The settings were a great equalizer as some women were able to really compete with the men outscoring them regularly.

Other players found the greens at the Nine Bridges course to be tricky. Many holes were on small hills resulting in missed putts rolling on for several meters. The few lefties also had some issues since there was only one lefty room available.

An honourable mention goes out to Dan Nabben for playing right handed as a lefty which is nearly impossible. Thanks are also in order to Nabben as well as Myles Horne who worked together to organize the event. Horne entered into a new role as an organizer and in my opinion did wonderfully in setting up the event.

The Jeju Furey Foundation, who put on the tournament as well as numerous other events on the island, works to benefit the Furey family as well as unites the foreigner community. Without them there would be far fewer large-scale organized foreigner events. The entire community should be thankful to the Jeju Furey Foundation for what they do to unite the community.

Unfortunately, on a very sour note, beer was stolen from the charity on the night of the event. It is really regrettable that some individuals stole from Jeju Furey especially considering that beer was being sold for 2,000 won per can. Organizers hope to recoup the nearly 100,000 won loss due to the theft of a large quantity of beer. A no-questions-asked donation from those responsible or from anyone seeking to help can be made to Jeju Furey. If you would like to donate to help right the wrong that was done or are interested in volunteering e-mail

Four of the competitors, including the author, standing third from left. Photo by Evan Fradley-Pereira

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