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Enjoy fun, guns and sun at Daeyoo LandWhere you can exercise your trigger finger and your wallet at the same time
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승인 2011.06.09  18:12:49
페이스북 트위터
▲ With an assortment of guns ranging from pistols to M16s, Daeyoo Land is the only place on Jeju where you can fire away at either clay pigeons and still targets or even hunt pheasant. Photo by Susan Shain
▲ Though accompanied by a hefty price tag, Daeyoo Land offers other activities besides target practice – like ATV rides and a restaurant that serves pheasant dishes. Photos by Susan Shain

Daeyoo Land, located near Jungmun on the south side of the island, is an “all-weather resorts complex” that features pheasant hunting, clay pigeon shooting, target shooting and ATV riding.

Last weekend, some friends and I paid a visit to the park to enjoy fun and guns in the sun.

Our first stop was clay pigeons, where Beretta 682s are available for shooting skeet or trap. After paying a whopping 35,000 won for 16 shots, we were outfitted in vests and ear muffs and were led out to the range. We then attempted to shoot flying orange disks known as clay pigeons. Though it was quite difficult to hit the fast-moving targets, it was neat to hold (and load!) a big gun.

Next up were pistols. There is a wide selection from which to choose: Smith & Wesson .38s, .44s, 9mms, and .22s, as well as Heckler & Koch .45s and 9mms. Having never shot a handgun before, I asked my friends which one was the coolest. They recommended either the .44 – a “Clint Eastwood gun,” or the .38 – “what cops carry.”

That made the choice easy. The .44 had a kick but was not too hard to shoot. Despite the high price tag – 30,000 won for 12 bullets – there was something about firing such a weapon that made me forget about the cost.

Shooting handguns was far easier than clay pigeons, as the shooting is at still targets instead of moving objects. So, I would recommend that for any inexperienced shots like me. Plus, the highlight of my visit was receiving my paper target to take home as proof that I can hit a target (admittedly fairly big) that is 10 meters away.

There is also a rifle shooting range – with M16s, Heckler & Koch 33s and SG 551s available for target shooting. The price is 35,000 won for 15 shots.

We then headed to the ATVs, our final stop. There are three courses: 4.5 kilometers for 35,000 won, 8 kilometers for 50,000 won, and 12 kilometers for 70,000 won. On our way in, we encountered a group of returning Korean tourists who made it seem like the 4.5-kilometer course had been the ride of their lives. Though hesitant about the exorbitant price, we decided to go for it based on their recommendation – and the misleading photos of people rocking out on two wheels that we had seen at the entrance and on the Web site .

We opted for the same 4.5-kilometer course and were soon outfitted in chest plates and helmets with full face-shields. Sadly, we were not allowed to wear the camouflage jumpsuits hanging tantalizingly on the rack – nor even to try them on. After gearing up, each of us hopped on an ATV (sharing is not allowed) and started following our guide.

The beginning of the tour involved trailing each other around a dirt circle – a really small dirt circle. Then, we went around it again. For a brief moment, we were horrified by the thought that this was the extent of the tour.

Thankfully, it was just practice, though I am pretty sure they include that shockingly boring bit in hopes that that you will find the remainder of the tour exciting. I truly wish that it had worked on us.

The rest of the tour involved slowly riding along a dirt path through a wooded area, with the guide at the front constantly turning around to tell us to pump the brakes. At one point, he even stopped the tour, got off his vehicle, and reprimanded one member of our party who was twisting his steering wheel back and forth in an attempt to make things more exciting. The whole tour lasted maybe five minutes.

As we returned to the starting point, someone exclaimed that it was the worst 30 dollars he had ever spent. I would not go that far, but I am not sure if that reflects a higher enjoyment level, or my low fear threshold and long history of unfortunate purchase decisions. If you have never been on an ATV before, there is a chance you could find the ride enjoyable. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, however, I have definitely experienced bumper cars and Ferris wheels that were more enthralling.

We did not try pheasant hunting, one of Daeyoo Land’s main attractions, as I do not really have the stomach (or the cash) for it. The tour costs 165,000 won per person and lasts approximately an hour and a half. The price includes a guide, clay pigeon practice, equipment, and an ATV rental.

The on-site restaurant, though we did not sample it, has an interesting menu with some island specialties. The pheasant-centric set menus, which range from 30,000 to 50,000 won, sounded the most appetizing.

Daeyoo Land’s shooting ranges are the only ones on the island, making it well worth a visit if you want to play with guns. Its exorbitant prices, however, would prevent most from coming here regularly. The ATV rides are a definite pass, as there are other ATV companies on the island that (I am hoping!) offer more interesting and affordable rides. Furthermore, though there were many more employees than customers in the park, the customer service was remarkably lackluster.

Still, for those with an itchy trigger finger, Daeyoo Land is the only place to be.

Daeyoo Land
144 Sangye Dong, Seogwipo City, Phone: 064-738-0500
Hours: 9 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

From Jeju City, take a Seogwipo bound bus, get off at the Jungmun Tourist Complex, and then hail a taxi. By car, head south on the 1135 past the Jeju Horse Race Track. Take a left on the 1116 outside of Jungmun and follow the signs. From Shin-Jeju, the drive is about 40 minutes. If coming from Seogwipo, go west on the 1136 and follow the signs.

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