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Summer nightCafé Nilmoridongdong opens with passion
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승인 2011.07.11  09:33:36
페이스북 트위터
▲ Left, people enjoying the party. Right, Jeju band, Dokgeonoin performs. Photos by Darryl Coote

NXC’s Café Nilmoridongdong, which opened its doors in May along the coastal road near Yongdam, Jeju City, held its inaugural party on July 1. People entering the café, which was ablaze with color and light, received a foam tail to attach to their backside in lieu of an admission ticket.

Yes, the name of the event was “The Wag the Tail Party,” meaning to lure, entice, and seduce like a female fox its male mate. The organizers of this event wanted to commemorate not just the opening of the café but also the start of Nilmoridongdong’s future cultural events.

NXC Manager Kwak Eun Kyong, who was responsible for the event, said they had set out to organize a party where people from diverse backgrounds could mingle and enjoy each others company. However, she had been anxious whether people would participate because this type of party is not common on Jeju.

But this seemed to be an idle fear. The café was filled with 150 people, most of them young and with beer in hand, dancing and conversing. When the Jeju band Dokgeonoin started their energetic set, the party intensified, and people began to reek havoc upon the metaphorical rug.

The vocalist, Ko Tae Hoon, who sang 12 popular songs including “Take Me Out,” and “Are You Gonna be My Girl,” said after the performance, “Like any musician, when the audience truly enjoys the music, it couldn’t be better. At this party, our band was so happy with the audience’s passionate response to our performance.”

After the band finished its set and opposite the performance area, an auction was held. Donated items like a tie-dyed bag, paintings, sun glasses, CDs, and other trinkets, were put up for grabs. Though few were jumping at the opportunity to take any of the wares home, the spectators seemed to enjoy the wit and humor of the MC as he tried to attract participation. The highest grossing item was a couple of CDs for 11,000 won.

The charged atmosphere rose to a fever pitch when three DJs from the group DJ ANJI took to the stage pounding out club beats and revelers danced under the strobe lights, lasers and a disco ball as their foam tails waved in the humid air.

Richie Cornish, a businessman from Australia heared about the party from his Korean co-worker, said “This party is fantastic. I feel like I’m in a club in Seoul, but it is more private and isolated in that everyone seems to know each other here.” Another attendee, Lee So Yun, whose husband took part in preparing the party as a cooperating counselor, said, “I like this casual and free atmosphere. The concept of the ‘Wag the Tail Party’ was also impressive. I hope we will get more and more chances to enjoy this kind of party in Jeju.”

These complimentary sentiments were reward for Nilmoridongdong’s careful preparations. Ko Eun Young from the Business Planning Division of NXC said that in addition to the staff of NXC, the “Dongdong planning group,” composed of five counselors working in culture planning field in Jeju and eight university students, prepared for a month.
“We will continue to hold various cultural events,” Ko said of future plans for the café.

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