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Jeju Olle Trail opens in the UK
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승인 2011.08.24  19:28:32
페이스북 트위터
▲ Above top, Olle founder Suh Myung Sook poses on the Cotswolds Korea Friendship Trail at Dursley town, UK. Clockwise from left, Suh stands at the start of the Swiss Olle Friendships Trail No. 1 on Jeju; Suh and World Trade Conference participants hold up MOUs signed at the 2010 event. Below, Suh addresses attendees at last year's World Trail Conference on Jeju Island. Photos courtesy Jeju Olle Trail

The Jeju Olle Foundation ( held the opening ceremony for the Jeju Olle – Cotswolds Way Friendship Trail (the Cotswolds Korea Friendship Trail) on April 19, 2011.

The Cotswolds Korea Friendship Trail is a 5.5-km circular walk that starts from Dursley town and follows the path which circumvents Stinchcombe Hill.

The launch of the Jeju Olle – Cotswolds Way Friendship Trail is the result of an agreement signed between the two parties on the Nov. 9, 2010, at the closing ceremony of the 2010 World Trail Conference in Jeju.

The starting point is marked with Ganse, an image of a Jeju pony and the official symbol of the Jeju Olle Trail, with the trail’s new name, “The Jeju Olle Friendship Trail” inscribed on its saddle. Along with the Cotswold markers, the Ganse Jeju Olle trail markers will also guide travelers along the trail.

The Cotswold Way National Trail is one of the UK’s 15 national trails. It is 164-km long, and runs from Chipping Campden in the north, to the World Heritage City of Bath, in the south.

With its location being near London, and the beautiful views that hold the history and culture from medieval Europe, the Cotswold Way has been popular for decades with hikers from all over the world. The Cotswolds Korea Friendship Trail is a side trail of the Cotswold Way trail.

Concurrently, the Jeju Olle Foundation declared Jeju Olle Trail No. 3 as its Jeju Olle and the Cotswolds Friendship Trail, which travels from Onpyeong to Pyoseon.

Suh Myung Sook, the director and founder of the Jeju Olle Foundation said, “I am very happy to see that the Jeju Olle Trail name is attached to this beautiful trail. I would like to thank all of the involved personnel of the Cotswold Way National Trail for their earnest and hard work for our friendship trail to come true.”

She added, “I hope that this new friendship trail becomes an opportunity to inspire trail seekers to the Cotswold Way from the UK, and all over the world, to come to and experience the Jeju Olle Trail, and the Jeju Olle walkers to visit the Cotswold Way.”

The Jeju Olle Trail continues to establish friendship trails, and is actively engaged in cooperative promotion with renowned trails from around the world.

In August of 2010, “Jeju Olle-Switzerland Friendship Trails” were declared between the Jeju Olle Trail No. 10 and the Lavaux Vineyard Trail, along Lake Geneva in Switzerland. On Nov. 9, 2010, the Jeju Olle Foundation also signed an agreement for friendship trails with the Bruce Trail Conservancy in Canada.

Subsequently, Jeju Olle Trail No. 2 is now the “Jeju Olle- Bruce Trail Conservancy Friendship Trail.” The twin trail on the Bruce Trail is currently being developed with an expected opening in the autumn of 2011.

Following a motion passed at last year’s conference, the Jeju Olle Foundation will host the 2011 World Trail Conference. The conference will be for two nights and three days, from Nov. 7 to 9. The conference will be attended by participants from various trail organizations, from Korea and abroad, including scholars, trail experts, and tourism industry personnel.

The 2011 World Trail Conference is sponsored by Korea's Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, and the Jeju Wide-area Economic Zone Leading Industry Support Team. It is hosted by the Jeju Olle Foundation and the Jeju Tourism Organization.

Participants of the 2010 World Trail Conference — including trail developers, managers, administrators, and advocates — agreed on a resolution to establish a World Trail Network. The network is designed to share and exchange information on issues concerning the world’s trails and to seek sustainable development.

Under the resolution, the JejuOlle Foundation took the initiative to serve as the main entity. It has been working to set up a Web site ( to function as an online office.

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