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A dry, wetland conservation area provides life at Mulyeongari Oreum[Jeju's Trails] Day 43 of a 1,200 km journey recording Jeju's hiking trails, oreum (volcanic cones) and Olle courses
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승인 2011.11.01  14:32:31
페이스북 트위터

▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser

For a complete list of Steve's Hike Jeju articles please click here and as always you can send your feedback to Steve and The Weekly on our Facebook page.

The Journey
These are the top 25 sites in sequential order for Day 43: Venture Maru, The Jeju Weekly office - Kkoekkori Oreum, base - Kkoekkori Oreum, peak - Kkoekkori Oreum, base - Mulyeongari Oreum, Visitor Center - Mulyeongari Oreum, base - Mulyeongari Oreum, peak - Mulyeongari Oreum, inside crater / wetland - Mulyeongari Oreum, Visitor Center - Neoksi Oreum, base - Neoksi Oreum, tower peak - Neoksi Oreum, base - Jabaebong, base - Jabaebong, peak - Jabaebong, inside crater, reference point - Jabaebong, base - Cilg Oreum, base 1 - Cilg Oreum, peak - Cilg Oreum, base 2 (opposite) - Cilg Oreum, base 1 - Geolseoak (donggeolsye and seogeolsye), base 1 - Geolseoak (donggeolsye and seogeolsye), peak - Geolseoak (donggeolsye and seogeolsye), base 2 - Geolseoak (donggeolsye and seogeolsye), base 1 - Venture Maru, The Jeju Weekly office

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mart -- 6,800
mart -- 2,000
gas for scooter -- 9,000
roadside stand -- 5,000
PC room -- 9,000
jimjilbang -- 10,500
Total -- 42,300 won


14 odeng on a stick, 8 bananas, a lot of hard tack, a little peanut butter, 4 bags potato chips, 2 small chocolate bars, mints, 1 small soda, 3 small hot coffees, endless amounts of water

Thoughts from Day 43
This day... I got to seven oreum. Most important, and there’s no comparison with the others, is Mulyeongari Oreum, off of road 1118 north of Namwon. It is a Ramsar-designated wetland (one of four on the island) and although no English was provided in pamphlet or sign form, a guide at the visitor center did talk to me (and took my picture). That’s the first, main part of the report. The last three are a listing of the first 75 oreum (in order of completion) finished during Hike Jeju. Note, there are many possible spellings and names for one designated spot.

▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser

Mulyeongari Oreum, Part 1: A top pick. There has to be a highlight to every day. This was it. Something different for sure, in the form of a wetland. Upon arrival, I popped in the tiny visitor center and asked for anything in English. There was nothing and after I left, Mr. Kang Seung Il flagged me down and brought me to another smaller office and retrieved an English book he said I could read a relevant chapter about after coming back from the wetland, which is inside the crater of Mulyeongari. The best story about this place:
Let nature work,” has already been written by a Jeju Weekly staffer.

Mulyeongari Oreum, Part 2: Aftermath and a random thought. When I came back to the visitor center, Mr. Kang stopped his lunch and gave me a PowerPoint and video presentation on his computer about scoria cones and how they can form by Strombolian eruptions. All informative and helpful. … The way to the crater is a long, uphill stair battle. Once there, it was peace and quiet. There was no visible water (explained in the article) with not much rain in the past few months. … At the observation platform inside the crater, there is room for maybe 20 people. I came at the choice time with three older ones sitting Indian style, eating (which is apparently not allowed in the crater). From the time I left, on toward the visitor center, I passed at least 50 more people going to the crater wetland. Is it not ironic, Koreans flee the city for nature on this Sunday to gather in a more densely populated place that would not be comfortable for half the number in this designated space and more crowded than anywhere in an urban area?

▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser

In between at Kkoekkori and Neoksi oreum. The day started at Kkoekkori Oreum and I wish it had not. All my oreum hunting clothes, shoes and socks, stored in my donated scooter’s storage space under the seat, were a bit damp from the previous twilight’s rainy trek up Albamaegi Oreum. Not only me, but the ground was still wet, and I got plenty dirty since there is no real trail at the top of Kkoekkori. It is a terrible climb in mud. I managed to keep things together, record the peak, witness nary a view and slowly go back down another way, with yellow tape ribbons guiding me down. This oreum is a few kilometers east of the intersection of roads 97 and 1118, and down the first south, side road. According to the sign, the only English one I found this day, “Usually oreums have their steep side on the south which is facing Mt. Halla and slope gradually towards the north, facing the ocean.” This oreum is the opposite, in Korean, “Geotguri,” hence the oreum’s other name. … Right after Mulyeongari Oreum, I found Neoksi Oreum at the intersection of roads 1118 and 1136 on the southeast side of the island. It took 10 minutes to reach the towered top from a tangerine farm field’s rutted tracks, without a real designated route, and being so, no signs or English available.

▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser

Jabaebong. Heading west from Neoksi on road 1136, there is a great path in Jabaebong. All told, maybe three or four kms. It rises, for a bit, then makes a loop to the 211-meter peak. On return of the circle, take a footpath into the forested crater and that takes an inside loop. I lost track of where I was and had no idea where the trail to get out was, so I had to forge up and out. My guess was completely off forcing me to walk at least an extra km click. A well designed oreum. There are 10 things of note on the sign at the base, along with exercise equipment and plenty of benches and wood platforms scattered about. Views are splendid at certain points looking in all directions. The crater gives another worldly feel.

Cilg Oreum. Try Romanizing this oreum’s name into English. Also, right off road 1136 west of Jabaebong sits Cilg. It has some old, thick wood stairs and goes up and up. No English. I found another entrance and went down to its opposite base (There would be no way to find that with a vehicle, but of course I took a GPS coordinate.), climbed again, took a loop trail and fought my way back down. About 60 to 90 minutes needed to see all this has to offer. A tower at the top, as with many, disturb the natural feel. I’m not sure what it is, but this oreum feels antique-ish.

Geolseoak, a twofer. The closer for the day. It took me a while to find. Luckily, when I got to a PC room to write this, the master list counts this area as two. It is adjacent to a mountainous orange grove and the wood platform provides an alternative view of Seogwipo’s coast. On the wraparound trail, there’s a smaller wraparound that hugs (with rope and posts) the edge looking down meters upon meters off the face of the oreum with wide stands of trees. All told, this was an easy climb, all trails included. Thank you Geolseoak donggeolsye and Geolseoak seogeolsye.

▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser
▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser
▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser

The first 25 oreum. Sarabong, Byeoldobong, Wondangbong, Seoubong, Ibsanbong, Jimibong, Someori Oreum, Dusanbong (Malmi Oreum), Al Oreum, Seongsan Ilchulbong, Siksanbong, Daesusanbong, Tong Oreum, Dokjabong, Bukmang Oreum (Al Oreum, Tosan Al Oreum), Jejigi Oreum, Sammaebong, Gogeunsan, Baerinae Oreum, Wolnabong, Sanbangsan, Songaksan, Sesal Oreum (Dong Al Oreum), Seotal Oreum, Moseulbong.

The second 25 oreum.
Noknambong, Suwolbong, Dangsanbong, Dangsanbong Al Oreum, Jeoji Oreum, Mundoji Oreum, Gwa Oreum, Gonaebong, Susanbong (Bagumji Oreum), Dodubong, Sara Oreum, Eoseongsaeng, Sajaebidongsan, Mansaedongsan, Witsae Oreum, Mindaegaridongsan, Bullae Oreum, Beopjeongak Oreum, Si Oreum, Sol Oreum (Miaksan), Bangae Oreum, Utbangae Oreum, Bulgeun Oreum, Min Oreum, Jeolmul Oreum (Jokeundaena).

The third 25 oreum.
Jeolmul Oreum (Keundaena), Samuiyang Oreum (Syemi), Dot Oreum, Dang Oreum, Sangumburi, Aggeun Darangshi Oreum, Darangshi Oreum, Yongnuni Oreum, Saebyeol Oreum, Idalbong, Idalichotdaebong, Chongmul Oreum, Chongmul Al Oreum, Geum Oreum, Gaetgori Oreum, Syemi Oreum, Geomun Oreum, Buso Oreum, Budae Oreum, Buk Oreum, Albamaegi Oreum, Kkoekkori Oreum, Mulyeongari Oreum, Neoksi Oreum, Jabaebong.


Oct. 30, 2011

▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser
▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser
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