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Jeju Olle Trails Rated: Course No. 6 (A and B)The Jeju Weekly's Steve Oberhauser walked every Olle trail in September 2011. He ranks this trail 2nd overall
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승인 2011.11.05  12:09:41
페이스북 트위터

▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser

Route: Soesokkak (start, 0.0 km) - Sogeummak, salt making place (0.8) - Jejigi Oreum (2.3) - Bomok Port - Gudumi Port (4) - Bomok sewage disposal plant (5) - KAL Hotel (6.8) - Paradise Hotel (7.9) - Sojeongbang Pokpo, waterfall; Jeju Olle Office (8.2) - Seogwipo Elementary School (10.2) - Painter, Lee Jung Seop’s residence, museum (10.6) - Soldongsan Intersection - Cheonjiyeon cliff path (11.2) - Eco park in Cheonjiyeon Pokpo, waterfall (11.4) - entrance of Seogwipo City Park (12.8) - Three-way junction in Namseong-ri (13.6) - Sammaebong - forest in Oedolgae (14.4 km, finish)
(Note: A and B course routes, see photo)

---- Course takes about seven hours to complete

Grade: 49.0 (2nd overall)


Natural scenery and landscape



Conditions of the trail



Environmental damage / lack of footprint on the area



Bilingual opportunities



Crowd control / compared to how many people are using trail



Facilities around the area






Park planning / architecture



Short-term impression factor



Long-term impression factor


* rankings explained

Strengths: If a person has never been to Jeju before and they walk this course that primarily goes through Seogwipo, they will love Olle and the island. It’s an urban course, with a perfect mix of three waterfalls, two oreum, a traditional everyday market, the Lee Jung Seop Museum and a lot more. Possibly, walking this course will sway a prospective resident to choose the south side of the island over Jeju City.

Weaknesses: Next to nothing. This is the most popular course, so the trail may be worn in parts, or too many people may be walking it against a certain person’s liking. Almost perfect.

English learning opportunities: Soesokkak, Jejigi Oreum, Sojeongbang Pokpo - waterfall, Jeongbang Pokpo - waterfall (multiple), Lee Jung Seop Museum (multiple), Cheonjiyeon Pokpo - waterfall (multiple), Soam Museum, Saeseom Island, Oedolgae Rock

Quotable: “There in the shadow of Jejigi Oreum stands the former property of one of Korea’s most beloved entertainers, Lee Joo Il. Mr. Lee was a famous comedian and anti-smoking activist who died in 2002 from lung cancer at the age of 62. His home, at the foot of the oreum and surrounded by a lush and private garden, overlooks Olle trail No. 6 and the wild and rocky southern coast. To the west, the mountain island of Seopseom rises out of the sea just off the coast. With a wide coastal view, and nestled at the base of Jejigi Oreum, the property seems both vast and intimate; it’s easy to see why he chose that spot for his home.” -- Andrew Elwood, Jeju Weekly


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Olle Trail handbook in English

Olle, Course No. 6

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▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser

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