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One more oreum for the road: Hike Jeju finishes, stepping up and out[Jeju's Trails] Day 54 of a 1,200 km journey recording Jeju's hiking trails, oreum (volcanic cones) and Olle courses
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승인 2011.11.15  14:45:11
페이스북 트위터

▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser

For a complete list of Steve's Hike Jeju articles please click here and as always you can send your feedback to Steve and The Weekly on our Facebook page.

The Journey
These are the top eight sites in sequential order for Day 54: Venture Maru, The Jeju Weekly office - Nokkomae jokeun Oreum, parking lot - Nokkomae jokeun Oreum / Nokkomae keun Oreum, base - Nokkomae keun Oreum, peak - Nokkomae jokeun Oreum, peak - Nokkomae jokeun Oreum, reference point - Nokkomae jokeun Oreum, parking lot - Venture Maru, The Jeju Weekly office

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cooking story BOB (Best Of Best) lunch -- a lot
Daguembari dinner -- a lot
hofs -- a lot
Total -- a lot of won

full veal steak lunch and much more, full Dageumbari (giant grouper) dinner with Korean sides, ample (and I mean ample) amounts of soju, beer and snacks, endless amounts of water

Thoughts from Day 54
This day... marks the end. I woke up to drizzle, out of the jimjilbang, thankfully, for the last time. Those sayings are completely true, all good things must come to an end and there’s a time for everything. I went back to a place where there were a few undiscovered oreum hanging around, just east of the junction for 1135 and 1117, there’s a group of four. Nokkomae keun Oreum, previously visited, is the biggest and best. I visited the little one, Nokkomae jokeun Oreum. I walked around for more than three hours (about 10 kilometers), in the fog and clouds and cold and varying levels of precipitation. On a clear day, I could imagine the views are there. I finished Hike Jeju with experiencing 135 oreum of Jeju’s 368. After updating the count, I did not tally a few restricted ones inside the national park, as well as ones I went to and went halfway up bushwhacking and turned back or ones I had skirted and had no interest in, and added two for previously being there (historical sake) since they are two of the top 75 oreum on Jeju, of which I will write and describe in a future article. After hiking, two restaurants were reviewed, for lunch, new Western-style, cooking story BOB (Best of the Best) and for dinner, Kang Chang Kum Dagumbari near Sanbangsan. Go out on top, always peaking.

▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser

Nokkomae jokeun Oreum. Even after all the places visited, I found the landscape, of what I could see of it, at Nokkomae jokeun Oreum to be different. It would have been even better if portions of its paths were not caked in ankle-high mud, because of the recent rains. I’m not even sure where I went, what route. I ended up going to the summit of Nokkomae keun, went back down and did the full circuit of Nokkomae jokeun. There’s several base trails around, and not many good map signs. Lost in a sea of haze.

▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser
▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser

Save the oreum for nature’s sake. Now with Jeju being named one of the New7Wonders of Nature, it would be prudent to increase its natural preservation and conservation efforts toward oreum. I can see the wear and tear from all the unofficial trails, and the animal trodden paths on many of the private ones. Jeju can’t just grow new oreum. What’s here is it. There should be some time and effort invested to make sure the oreum are free from any more environmental destruction. If need be, close many of them, and open a few up on a rotational basis. Determine the ones that are not fit for public consumption.

Thanks. To the readers. Without readers, there is no writer’s purpose. And for anyone who sent me an e-mail having anything remotely to do with Hike Jeju. Those kept me going. Four people at The Jeju Weekly have done many things for me: Todd for continuing to spend (a lot of) time on the project and believing despite an otherwise cynical demeanor; Darryl for being Darryl and as a voice of reason; Angela for always aiding in research, translation and curiosity; Jung Lim, for the same aforementioned reasons, as well as being the infectiously cheery person upon entry to the office in an otherwise sedate environment. Also, thanks to many of the people on Jeju, foreigners and natives, all of whom provided information and other things especially, Vitamin C (Fred), a scooter (Eugene), fixing the scooter’s problems (Mr. Lee) and rationality (SiHo).

The others... Include all the outdoor odeng vendors, the sauna, jimjilbang, and PC room workers, and the clerks, the oreum fire watchers, the civil servants, and the guides.

Clothes were sacrificed. The Hike Jeju uniform was not even fit for a washing machine. Everything gone. Where will remain a mystery.

What’s missing? There’s more out there and not enough time. Plenty of oreum. I’m not sure how many worthwhile ones, but I will add a few possible ones or closed ones as a footnote to the top 75 list. I never made it to the Gyorae Recreation Forest, the third and last accessible Ramsar wetland, areas of able-to-be-gotten-to Gotjawal around, the Chusa trails, the unofficial mushroom trail in Hallasan, Biyangdo (previously been there, though). Everything else, I would say has a good representation. Represent.

Justifications. There are seven of them. Four are major, three are minor. This is what I wrote in August 2011 in proposing Hike Jeju: 1.) To showcase all of Jeju’s public walking and hiking trails in one condensed time frame, within 60 days, all in English. 2.) In English, to provide the most comprehensive rating system and description and allow for all public oreums and Olle trails to have a unbiased, systematic grade for all people (tourists, foreigners, Koreans), who can read English. 3.) To allow The Jeju Weekly to have all information, both in a continually updated Web site section and after, text for use in articles, and/or after all is finished, a book/pamphlet. 4.) Steve is not trying to find himself; rather, Steve is trying to find the best natural spots on Jeju that are open to all, but are now relatively unknown. With more than 1,000 kilometers to cover, most spots talked about, Jeju residents have never been to, let alone any foreigner, especially a quick-trip tourist. 5.) I need a decompression stop from being in Korea for 3 years and going back to The Wilds. I now live 15 seconds from a 7-Eleven [near Samyang Beach]. In less than 3 months, I will live 15 seconds from the big fat black bears that want my peanut butter, the owls that want my cats, the bobcats and red foxes that want my chickens, and the turkey I want to eat. 6.) I have a long-standing bet, if my weight drops below a certain kilogram mark for a sustained period of time, [a friend] will quit smoking. After walking 1,000 kilometers in a short period of time, that bet will be won by me. 8) Training for the Appalachian Trail.

The official 135. Sarabong, Al Oreum, Byeoldobong, Wondangbong, Seoubong, Ibsanbong, Jimibong, Someori Oreum, Mongdangsan (Someori Al Oreum), Dusanbong (Malmi Oreum), Al Oreum, Seongsan Ilchulbong, Siksanbong, Daesusanbong, Tong Oreum, Dokjabong, Bukmang Oreum (Tosan Oreum), Jejigi Oreum, Sammaebong, Gogeunsan, Baerinae Oreum, Wolnabong, Sanbangsan, Songaksan, Sesal Oreum (Dong Al Oreum) …
Seotal Oreum, Moseulbong, Noknambong, Suwolbong, Dangsanbong, Dangsanbong Al Oreum, Jeoji Oreum, Mundoji Oreum, Biyang Oreum, Gwa Oreum, Gonaebong, Susanbong (Bagumji Oreum), Dodubong, Sara Oreum, Eoseongsaeng, Sajaebidongsan, Mansaedongsan, Witsae Oreum, Mindaegaridongsan, Bullae Oreum, Beopjeongak Oreum, Si Oreum, Sol Oreum (Miaksan), Bangae Oreum, Utbangae Oreum …
Bulgeun Oreum, Min Oreum, Jeolmul Oreum (Jokeundaena), Jeolmul Oreum (Keundaena), Samuiyang Oreum (Syemi), Dot Oreum, Dang Oreum, Sangumburi, Aggeun Darangshi Oreum, Darangshi Oreum, Yongnuni Oreum, Saebyeol Oreum, Idalbong, Idalichotdaebong, Chongmul Oreum, Chongmul Al Oreum, Geum Oreum, Gaetgori Oreum, Syemi Oreum, Geomun Oreum, Buso Oreum, Budae Oreum, Buk Oreum, Albamaegi Oreum, Kkoekkori Oreum ...
Mulyeongari Oreum, Neoksi Oreum, Jabaebong, Cilg Oreum, Geolseoak (donggeolsye), Geolseoak (seogeolsye), Ansyemi Oreum, Batsyemi Oreum, Yeolanji Oreum, Geochin Oreum, Noru Oreum, Samhyeongjekeun Oreum, Baekyaki Oreum, Abu Oreum, Geomi Oreum, Munseoki Oreum, Gundaeak, Hugukak, Namgeobong, Sosusanbong, Bulneun Oreum, Nasiri Oreum, Moguri Oreum, Moguri Al Oreum, Yeongjusan ...
Bonji Oreum, Mae Oreum, Gasye Oreum, Al Oreum, Dalsanbong, Seol Oreum, Daeroksan, Ddrabi Oreum, Byeonkot Oreum, Gunsan, Sseokeundari, Dansan, Gama Oreum, Gasi Oreum, Neupgae Oreum, Dang Oreum, Jokeundaebiak, Byeongak, Sobyeongak, Muak, Barimae, Jokeunbarimae, Nokkomae keun Oreum, Goangi Oreum, Namjosun Oreum ...
Eodo Oreum, Cheola Oreum, Nuun Oreum, Byeduri, Min Oreum, Chilg keun Oreum, Chilg jokeun Oreum, Bonga Oreum (Bulgeun Oreum), Non Oreum, Nokkomae jokeun Oreum.

Dreams and detractors. Live it. Once the dreams die, so does the person. For any detractors, this last word is for you: booyah.

Nov. 11, 2011

▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser
▲ Photo by Steve Oberhauser
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