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Photojournalism's power helps us understand othersUN-Yonhap News International Press Photo Exhibition on show at ICC Jeju until Nov. 27
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승인 2011.11.18  15:17:47
페이스북 트위터

▲ Eighty press photographs are on display at Yeongju Exhibition Hall on the first floor of ICC Jeju in Jungmun, Seogwipo City. The UN-Yonhap News International Press Photo Exhibition ends Nov. 27. Photo by Todd Thacker

An exhibition of international press photographs curated to highlight the work of the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) regarding poverty, disease and environmental degradation is on at the International Convention Center Jeju in Jungmun, Seogwipo City, until Nov. 27.

"The 21st century is the era of photography," begins the curator’s written commentary on panels which are mixed in with the 80 selected photographs around Yeongju Hall at the convention center. "Our neighbors' happiness and pain captured in a photo become our own experience. This is the power of photography."

▲ The global issues of poverty, war, and environmental degradation are highlighted at this thought-provoking exhibition. Photo by Todd Thacker

Dozens of stunningly emotive and tragic photos depicting news events such as natural and man-made disasters over the last few years are on display from top news photographers at newspapers and wire agencies around the world.

Hosted by the Korean wire service Yonhap, the exhibition is composed of submissions from an international contest held earlier this year called the Yonhap International Press Photo Awards, the only such international press photography contest in South Korea.

According to a press release, the contest attracted some 5,000 works by photojournalists and freelance photographers in 71 countries. The theme of the contest was "Share the Moment, Share the Future."

A panel of eight international photographers and editors from The Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Getty Images, National Geographic Magazine, and others, selected the top prize winners. The results were announced on July 19.

The US$30,000 Grand Prize was awarded to Emilio Morenatti, an Associated Press photojournalist for 10 photos documenting cholera patients in Haiti.

Other unforgettable images include those taken in the aftermath of the Japanese tsunami, birth defects in babies in Fallujah, Iraq, the latest round of meetings between family members separated during the Korean War, and the 2010 Thai political protests.

▲ Yeongju Hall is on the first floor of the ICC Jeju. Photo by Todd Thacker

To highlight the United Nations MDGs, the exhibition is arranged by the UN goals set in the year 2000 to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, achieve universal primary education, promote gender equality, reduce child poverty and ensure environmental sustainability by the year 2015.

Though admission is free, there are soft and hard cover books with all the exhibition photographs on sale. All proceeds will be used for UN work on disaster relief, poverty relief and efforts to protect the environment. For more information, go to the Yonhap awards Web site: and to see the winning entries click here.

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