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Taste and ambience at the Coffee Roasting House OZBContributor Jessica Sicard is captivated by this husband-and-wife run Seogwipo café
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승인 2011.12.09  14:26:01
페이스북 트위터
▲ Park Ju Yeon pours hot water into a hand-drip funnel filled with OZB roasted beans. Photo by Jessica Sicard
Situated around the corner from the Jeju World Cup Stadium is Coffee Roasting House OZB — a husband and wife owned and operated café — specializing in exotic coffees from around the globe since 2007. Upon entering this charming café, eclectically decorated with various photos and original paintings, I was warmly greeted by the proprietors while being captivated by the intense aroma of roasting coffee beans and taking in the tunes of world music.

The Dutch have a word to describe the ambience at places like OZB: gezellig. When one is in the presence of great company, enjoying a delicious drink, and slowing down to relax and recharge in a cozy place, this is gezellig, and that’s just what owners Park Ju Yeon, a brewing specialist, and Choi Ji Sick, a roasting expert, provide for their customers. With coffee in hand and chill music, this is a great, smoke-free place to spend some time nestled with a good book or catching up with some friends.

Currently, the menu offers coffee from Ethiopia, Brazil, Columbia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Guatemala, Peru, Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea, Yemen, and Jamaica, but these options are subject to change. With each new harvest, Park and Choi sample the newest coffees from around the world and continuously update their menu to ensure their customers are receiving the maximum coffee experience. While tea, juice, smoothies, and hot cocoa are available, Park and Choi are passionate about coffee and feel their café is a place for coffee lovers to enjoy hard-to-find varieties.

Three styles of coffee are available at OZB: Italian, German, and Dutch. Italian style coffee is brewed by high pressure machines and is the most popular style of coffee in the world. German style coffee, or hand-drip coffee, is both Choi and Park’s favorite. Dutch style coffee is mixed with room temperature water in oak barrels and then strained. This method of making coffee was originally used when Dutch explorers spent extended periods of time on their ships and avoided using fire for safety reasons, and it is popular today because it is not necessary to use freshly ground beans for a rich and delicious flavor.

All beans used at OZB are handpicked and undergo three rounds of sorting. The first round occurs at the coffee plantation – Choi only orders the first sort of handpicked coffee beans. When the beans arrive, Choi sorts them again, ridding the lot of beans that may be dry, rotten, unripe, or misshapen. Choi says that good beans should have a certain shape. At this point the raw coffee beans that have yet to be roasted are called “green beans.” Once Choi roasts the beans, they then secure the title “coffee beans.” After roasting, Choi sorts the beans again, the third and final stage of hand sorting. The unworthy beans are still used, however. The green beans can be found on display in clear cups, and the coffee beans can be seen in a large ant farm like apparatus in the display window with the bean origin noted. Choi sorts about 200 kg of beans each month, and he mentioned that the intoxicating aroma of coffee comes from the chemical reaction that occurs when beans are roasted.

▲ Photo by Jessica Sicard

Choi and Park are very passionate about coffee and have traveled Europe extensively to learn so they can provide a delicious experience for their customers. This winter, they will travel to Europe with their three children, and they hope to explore Central and South America in the future. The influence of their travels is not only evident from their impressive coffee selection but also from the mural of Venice painted by Choi, inspired by his trip to Italy.

Choi and Park are originally from Gangwon province, but they moved to Seogwipo City in 1999 after traveling Korea extensively and agreeing that Jeju Island is truly a special place in Korea. Inspired by a coffee tasting event held by a friend, Choi and Park taught themselves about the beverage and decided to make a career of their passion. Self-taught from books and personal experience, they became coffee connoisseurs and opened OZB on July 7, 2007, their daughter’s birthday.

Park mentioned that while their café is growing in popularity, they intend on keeping it a small, cozy place, void of conflict between too many workers and smoke-free to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment. When asked about her overall mission for OZB, Park said that she wants people to feel like they have everything they need, as if they are at home and already have what they desire. In that case, OZB is a delicious home away from home.

Coffee Roasting House OZB
Address: 843 Beobwhan-dong, Seogwipo City
Hours: Monday – Sunday, 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Closed on Wed.
Phone: 064-738-8640

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