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The trickiest little museum in JejuSeogwipo’s Jeju Trick Art Museum is for the young at heart
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승인 2012.01.06  15:23:39
페이스북 트위터
▲ Photos by Jenna Houts
Looking for a fun and unique way to spend a cold winter afternoon? Tired of boring art museums? A visit to the Trick Art Museum in Seogwipo City will not be like your high school field trips to the local art museum; in fact it may be the weirdest field trip of your life.

The Trick Art Museum turns traditional two-dimensional art into a three-dimensional experience. Here, you become the main subject of every painting. There are no thick glass picture frames, velvet ropes, “do not touch” or “no pictures” signs at this museum. In fact, you are supposed to touch and take pictures. The gallery walls are lined with funny scenes and classic paintings that let you become a part of the action. Each painting is accompanied by a small plaque with examples of how to put yourself into the scene. You can look like you are floating in thin air, get swallowed by a hippo, or sit at the café in Van Gogh’s “Café Terrace at Night.”

▲ Photos by Jenna Houts

The museum takes you through seven different themed galleries. You will start in the Parody Zone where you become part of famous paintings from the European Renaissance era. Pretend to drink from a maiden’s jug, steal pie from the baker’s tray, float next to God and Adam on the Sistine chapel ceiling, and dance with a ballerina.

▲ Photos by Jenna Houts

Next, in the Animal Zone you can hand feed a giraffe, become a baby monkey, give a deer an injection, sit on a horse’s hindquarters, or pull on a tiger’s tooth.

▲ Photos by Jenna Houts

The Magic Zone is especially interactive and unusual. A room is painted sideways on the wall and the floor. Lie on the floor in the room, take a picture, turn the camera sideways, and voila… you appear to be floating in mid air.

▲ Photos by Jenna Houts

The next two stops on the tour are the Jurassic and Aquarium Zones, where you can stick your head inside a T.Rex’s mouth or catch a marlin on the open seas.

Don’t forget to visit the Optical Illusion Zone and Egypt Zones before you exit the main gallery.

I spent several hours at the museum on a cold, Wednesday afternoon. Luckily, I left just as 11 buses filled with teenage boys, presumably on a school trip, packed into the gallery and made moving around or taking pictures impossible. With the gallery this crowded, I was no longer having fun only incredibly claustrophobic. I high tailed it out of there and explored the gift shop. If you visit the museum, I recommend you try to go when it will not be so crowded.

The gallery, gift shop, café, and candy bar a la Sweet Factory are all part of the Trick Art experience, as well. Although, I recommend skipping the outdoor Safari, as the large, plastic, rainbow-striped zebra statues and other African animals are pretty cheesy.

The Trick Art Museum is only for those who enjoy the silly and the weird; it is not for art aficionados. It is great for kids and for the young at heart.

According to the official Web site for Korean Tourism, the Trick Art Museum is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., every day of the week, and is open on holidays. Admission is 8,000 won for adults and 6,000 won for children. The museum is located a bit out of the way, so driving is the easiest way to get there. A bus stop is located just across the street and a bus arrives every 20 minutes. From the Jeju City Bus Terminal, take the bus bound for Dongbu Gwangong Road. It takes about an hour.

Go to for more information, or if you read Korean, the Trick Art Museum Web site:

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