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Sipping java, treat yourself to a 'nature retreat'Seogwipo's Flower and Coffee Shop is a new, quaint, and colorful café
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승인 2012.04.10  11:36:53
페이스북 트위터
▲ The Flower and Coffee Shop in Seogwipo City. Photo by Jessica Sicard

One of Seogwipo’s busiest boulevards is home to a new, quaint little shop called the Flower and Coffee Shop. The title leaves no mysteries as customers can indeed enjoy a piping hot cup-o-Joe while taking in colorful and lush green surroundings, surroundings of which are for sale.

As warmer weather rapidly approaches, shop owner Oh Eun Joo, also known as Jennifer, is putting the final touches on her shop, a special place with a “secret garden” offering customers a small getaway from the Korean “bali, bali” (hurry, hurry) lifestyle. First impressions of this charming café include a country style deck ornamented in flowers, inviting customers inside. Large windows permit natural light to reach every corner of the café, and the interior decoration is simple yet has a very artistic and homey feeling, providing a warm and friendly atmosphere.

▲ Photo by Jessica Sicard
▲ Photo by Jessica Sicard

A variety of drinks are available at Flower and Coffee Shop, including Dan Pablo’s Americano, café mocha, caramel macchiato, cappuccino, café latte, sweet potato latte, green tea latte, lemonade, hot chocolate, yogurt smoothies, and a variety of teas and juices. The kitchen offers pizza toast, cheese toast, and plain bagels with real Philadelphia cream cheese, all of which can be enjoyed in the café or to go.

I had the pleasure of sampling the caramel macchiato, the Americano, the lemon tea, and a bagel with cream cheese, all prepared to perfection. Most notable is the lemon tea as it reminded me of sunshine in my home state of California.

Plants and flowers are all over the shop providing a mini nature retreat-like feeling, particularly in the backyard, or what I’ve come to know as the secret garden. While the garden is optimally enjoyed on warm weather days, it’s possible to relax there beside the heater on colder ones, reinforcing Oh’s personal philosophy that “flowers are good for the eyes and mind.”

▲ Owner Oh Eun Joo. Photo by Jessica Sicard
▲ Photo by Jessica Sicard
▲ Photo by Jessica Sicard

Determined to make her customers feel comfortable and satisfied, Oh does not stop at providing some of Seogwipo City’s most delicious drinks in a very unique and cozy venue. Chill music fills the café’s interior, but if chill music does not tickle your fancy, Oh is flexible in taking requests.

A Seogwipo native, Oh became inspired to open her café when she returned to the island after living in Seoul for many years working as a secretary for a company and as a Starbucks barista. Oh was presented with the opportunity to take over her mother’s flower shop, and she decided to remodel and combine her two passions, flowers and coffee, in an innovative endeavor.

Oh’s main reason for returning to Jeju Island was to be with her family and fiancée, but she is enjoying her shop as it gives her the freedom to be creative and deliver an experience that lights up the faces of her customers.

▲ Photo by Jessica Sicard
▲ Photo by Jessica Sicard

Having opened in September 2011, Oh believes her café is bringing new life to an area of Seogwipo City that does not see a lot of creativity. Her shop has already attracted another creative business called Mama’s Home, a place for sewing lessons and purchasing homemade items such as aprons, coasters, dresses, and more.

▲ Photo by Jessica Sicard

Conveniently located on a boulevard with ample parking, locals and tourists alike find it easy to stop at her shop on their way out of central Seogwipo City. While Oh’s primary customers are local Koreans, she has been visited by members of the island’s only professional soccer club, Jeju United. It should also be noted that Oh speaks excellent English.

This summer, Oh will expand her seating capacity and offer a type of shaved ice dessert called patbingsu, a typical Korean dish made with sweetened beans, yogurt or ice cream, and fresh strawberries grown on the island. If her delicious drinks and bagels are any indication, I know where I will be spending my summer this year.

Flower and Coffee Shop
445-11 Seohong-dong, Seogwipo City
Phone: 064-763-6979
Hours: 9 a.m. to 9 a.m., everyday

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