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A café with 'come on in!' charmThe Entrée Outdoor Café in Seogwipo
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승인 2012.06.14  11:23:14
페이스북 트위터

Neighboring Geolmae Park is Entrée Outdoor Café, a charming Korean-style family-run restaurant just out of reach from the hustle and bustle of Seogwipo City’s center. Guests can find peace and solitude while enjoying a few drinks, delicious food, and one of Seogwipo’s finest city parks.

Restaurant owners Chi-bum Oh and Geum-Sook Yang — a mother and son team — manage the restaurant themselves, being the sole chefs and servers with occasional help from other family members.

The menu offers an array of typical Korean dishes like boiling hot soup, omelets, noodles, tofu, fried kimchi, pork cutlets, sausages, fruit salad, wedge cut French fries, and chicken feet. A large drink selection is available, including draft and bottled beers, soju, coffee, tea, fresh juice, smoothies, ice cream shakes, green tea lattes, and a special red bean sherbet drink.

Oh, who speaks excellent English, mentioned that his red bean drink is particularly delightful and popular on warm, sunny days, and customer favorites are the fruit salad, soup, chicken feet, and omelet.

Since it opened on March 14, 2010, White Day in South Korea, Entrée Outdoor Café has continuously transformed its appearance in an effort to provide a more welcoming and comfortable ambiance for customers. As most of the architectural modifications and furniture at the restaurant have been handmade by Oh, the café has a homey feel with a lot of personal touches.

Picnic benches handcrafted by Oh line the stream that happens to be the source for the Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, providing the perfect place to enjoy a glass of ice cold beer while taking in the surroundings. Mosquito catching and propelling plants provide a natural and beautiful defense against these annoying insects so it’s not only possible but pleasurable to enjoy your time outside.

Entrée Outdoor Café is designed to be a place for both adults and children as there is food and drinks for all and plenty of play space for the kids. The layout of the café makes it easy to bring your children and watch them play in the stream or park, and it’s the only place that I know of in Seogwipo where such a scenario is possible.

The restaurant is also home to chipmunks, rabbits, fish, and two white-eye birds, birds that are special to Seogwipo. These animals are a spectacle to behold for children and animal lovers, and they’re so cute it makes you want to pinch their furry, feathery, and scaly little cheeks.

When asked about why he chose to start a restaurant, Oh said that he and his family wished to create a welcoming retreat where people can feel at ease and enjoy the outdoors. In fact, the name of the restaurant says it all, Entrée, meaning “come in” in English, French, and Jeju Island dialect.

Entrée Outdoor Café
332-3 Seogwi-dong
Seogwipo City
Hours: 1 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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