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Jeju's second 'trick art' museum opens in JungmunAlive Museum is an evolution of the genre, combining other kinds of art and illusions
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승인 2012.06.18  14:19:52
페이스북 트위터
▲ Photo courtesy Alive Museum

If you have been to the Trick Art Museum in Seongeup village to the southeast of the island, Korea’s first museum of its kind, you now have the opportunity to experience an evolution of the tourism genre with Alive Museum, which opened its doors this month in Jungmun, not far from the Tourist Information Center there.

Alive Museum, built by Trick Art Museum Inc., is combining other kinds of art into the “trick” aspect of the attraction. The company’s second such museum, which opened in Heyri Art Village in Gyeonggi province and had an exhibition tour the country in 2011, proved so popular with visitors of all ages that Alive Museum was developed and opened on Jeju.

According to manager Ko Dong Woo, Alive Museum offers not only trick art but also other cutting-edge technology-based arts and has more exciting hands-on exhibitions than their first museum. It’s also a good idea to bring a camera to capture all the interesting scenes to relive the memories.

"When they see a photo showing them having a good time, it gives them another chance to laugh," Ko said proudly.

The museum has five categories of art which fill its 3,300m2 indoor space — trick art, digital art, objet art, sculpture, and Provence art. The building’s exterior is remarkably reminiscent of an illustrious museum not unlike the British Museum. On the grounds is another 6,600m2 French-style outdoor garden.

▲ Photo courtesy Alive Museum

Trick art, which relies on optical illusions to entertain and discombobulate, lets visitors “enter” into seemingly three-dimensional paintings. For example, there is a scene in which visitors sit next to the naked woman and the clothed man in Édouard Manet’s "The Luncheon on the Grass” and become a part of the art work.

The digital art section makes use of cutting-edge effects and animation. For example, a scarf undulates in a glass box as two Mona Lisas appear to be blowing on it. A small aquarium responds to the movements of visitors by altering the images projected within.

▲ Photo courtesy Alive Museum

With objet art, visitors can pose “upside down” from the ceiling. Even though it is only the painted setting which is upside down, the resulting picture is uncanny.

The sculpture art section is in the outdoor garden. Many famous artists and their work are spoofed there. Rodin, for example, is seen hard at work but in front of him there's nothing but a stool that visitors can sit on — becoming Rodin's model.

The last section of Alive Museum is called Provence art. There is a pastel-colored fairy tale village in which large bear dolls don various period costumes, a sight especially popular with younger visitors. Other facilities include a café and a souvenir shop.

▲ Photo courtesy Alive Museum

Ko said that it normally takes visitors two to two and a half hours to view all 150 or so pieces at the museum. They are so engrossed, they tend to “lose track of time" he said.

If you plan to visit Alive Museum, two hours will not be enough. You’ll hear the laughter of family, friends, young couples on dates, and more, all throughout the site. Though located in the Jungmun Tourist Complex, Ko said a large number of locals visit too.

The company is advancing its trick art business into the overseas market, as well. Ko said that last May, it opened an exhibition on the viewing platform of the Landmark 72 Tower, in Hanoi, Vietnam. This is planned to run for six years and can be a stepping stone for more overseas operations.

Alive Museum
42 Jungmungwangwang-ro, Seogwipo City
Hours: 9 a.m to 7 p.m.
Tel. 064-805-0888
Tickets: Adults: 9,000 won, children: 8,000 won (as for Jeju islanders or group, 1,000 won discount)

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