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A trip well worth takingFind delicious burgers and more at Burger Trip, a new restaurant in Shin Jeju
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승인 2012.07.25  15:52:23
페이스북 트위터

Burger Trip, a name inspired by the variations of ingredients enjoyed on burgers around the world, is open for business in Shin Jeju, Jeju City.

The interior of this trendy spot has a clean, industrial look with splashes of color and an open kitchen inviting customers to converse with chefs behind the counter. Menus are English friendly, with additional picture descriptions available on iPads.

Both Korea natives, Chef Lee Hyun Sek and Chef Lee Joon Ho met in Sydney, Australia while training at Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts school. With a shared passion for cooking and a love for creative, but “proper burgers,” the pair decided to return to Jeju and make a business out of their talents.

▲ Chefs Lee Hyun Sek and Lee Jun Ho met at culinary school in Australia. Photo by Erin Myers

“There aren’t many places on Jeju to get a proper burger,” said Chef Joon Ho.

“We wanted to bring the flavors we love to Jeju, so I asked him to come here with me and open this restaurant,” said Chef Hyun Sek, “I chose Jeju because it is my home. I want to be near my family.”

The pair takes pride in using Jeju local ingredients to prepare their burgers with, what they call, “the golden ratio” of ground meat to fat.

These all-beef patties weigh in at 150 grams, before cooking. This makes for a thick, juicy burger that holds its shape, unlike other burgers I’ve tried since arriving to Korea.

▲ 'The American' and 'Mt. Halla' burger set deal with classic vanilla and Belgium chocolate milkshakes. Photo by Erin Myers

Currently there are four burger selections on the menu with prices ranging between 7,700 won to 9,300 won. Each burger is inspired by different parts of the world from a classic “The American” burger, to the more adventurous “Viva! Mexico” burger that comes topped with lettuce, jalapenos, nachos, salsa, and colby jack cheese.

A tribute to Jeju, the “Mt. Halla” burger is the most expensive, but also the most popular choice on the menu. This mountain of a meal is topped with hearty, red bean and beef chili, lettuce, jalapeno, and melted colby jack cheese. The flavor of the chili is balanced between the sweet beans and onion with a spicy bite in the aftertaste.

Burger Trip offers a set-deal option starting at 11 a.m. and ending at 4 p.m. that adds 2,500 won to any meal for potato wedges and soda, or 3,500 won for potato wedges and a draft beer. All meals come with a side of kimchi and a small, tangy house salad.

▲ Photo by Erin Myers

Also available is a Burger Trip pasta dish (11,000 won) with tomato, chili, and jalapenos as well as side orders of beef chili wedges and nachos. Additionally, the menu offers a selection of flavored coffees, homemade juices, milkshakes, a variety of beers including Guinness and Heineken, and surprisingly Dr. Pepper soda (very infrequently seen on the island).

“I love this burger; it’s crazy and fantastic,” said Jeju resident Moon Jeong Wook.

These generously portioned and awesomely messy burgers reminded me of the Western-style meals I grew up loving. The only thing missing was dill, rather than a sweet pickle on my classic American burger. Add to this a simple strawberry, vanilla, or Belgian chocolate milkshake that they offer and you have a meal that could satisfy any palate hungry for a taste of the West.

Both chefs say they plan to expand their menu and dream of someday opening additional Burger Trip locations around Korea.

Burger Trip
2586-4 Nohyeong-dong, Jeju City
Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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▲ Photo by Erin Myers
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