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Women transcending boundariesPreview of the 13th Women's Film Festival in Jeju, Sept. 20-23
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승인 2012.09.04  11:09:34
페이스북 트위터

The 13th Jeju Women’s Film Festival will be held from Sept. 20 through 23 at the Sulmundae Women’s Center, behind the Jeju Jungang Middle School in Jeju City. Hosted by the Jeju Women’s Association NGO, the films are centered on the theme of women transcending boundaries.

Over the four days, 31 films from 17 countries will be showcased in an effort to share a diverse range of female perspectives from around the globe with people in Jeju. Festival coordinator, Ahn Hye Kyoung, believes film screenings are an effective way to give a voice to women who might otherwise be ignored.

“Only through films from a woman’s view can we talk about our situations [as women] well enough, that’s why this festival is so important,” said Ahn.

According to Ahn, the inspiration for a Jeju Women’s Film Festival stemmed from the Seoul International Women’s Film Festival. Many of the films featured in Jeju’s festival were selected from Seoul archives. Others were chosen because they were relevant to this year’s theme, or more specifically women of Jeju.

To encourage participation, English friendly descriptions are available for all films and only one(*) of the 31 features are without English dialogue or subtitles. For mothers wishing to attend, free childcare will be available.

A series of five sessions will be held with each one focusing on topics ranging from sexuality and coming of age to oppression of minorities and depression.

The final session makes way for emerging female directors who aspire to break into the film industry. Limited time slots made entry competitive for this new addition to the festival. Fifty-one films were submitted for the session, but due to time constraints only four pieces were selected.

One of two films to be featured in the opening ceremony will be a short animation about Jeju diving women, known as haenyo.

“It’s smart because they used a haenyeo’s voice, paintings (and artwork produced by the director), and sounds (of the sea) … I really want to introduce this film to a lot of people, it’s very special.”

With this year’s theme, Ahn said her goal is to not only bring attention to issues faced by women, but encourage a proactive attitude in overcoming limitations.

“Women face so many different types of boundaries, but we are not locked within those boundaries. We should try to overcome these situations and blossom into a better place,” said Ahn.

For more information on the event visit And for the complete schedule of films, please scroll to the bottom of this article.

The 13th Jeju Women's Film Festival
Theme: ‘Woman, Transcending Boundaries!’

Section 1. Familiar Strangeness
Although we live in a world where there is always going to be gender distinction, by looking at the situation with fresh eyes, we are privy to stories of women who talk of hope and healing at points of disasters and conflicts told to us through unique movies.

Section 2. Hot Explosion
Movies seen through the perspective of situations surrounding women's physical bodies. In short, the films express an interest in women's sexual desires, health, and appearance. A very interesting look at developments and maturity in girls which might have been considerably neglected compared to boys.

Section 3. Looking at the World through the Eyes of the Minority
Queer movies dealing with lesbians who are even more neglected among the gay community. Women are still being discriminated in the name of religion and traditions and are required to continuously sacrifice themselves. In addition, the issue of immigrant women even in this day and age where boundaries are disintegrating are dealt with in extreme environments and youth education issues existing outside the system.

Section 4. This Year's Special Section
Films selected with special interest in women's art — Women gukgeuk (Korean musical), feminist revolutionary art history, and experimental art conducted by housewives.

Section 5. Non-Competitive Entries: Four Films
Among a total of 51 entries this year, four films were selected. During the festival, a brief introduction and conversation with the directors will commence. The four selected films this year were especially impressive in their film direction, format, and acting.

<Film Schedule>

1st Period:

11 a.m.

2nd Period:

2 p.m.

3rd Period:

4:30 p.m.

4th Period:

7 p.m.

5th Period:

9:10 p.m.



․ Pink Ribbon Inc.

(97 mins)

․ Kung Fu Grandma

(27 mins)

․ ! Women Art Revolution: A Secret History (83 mins)

․ Flying Plate (3:51)

Opening Ceremony (7:30 p.m.)

Opening Film

- Toilet (109 mins)

- Grandma Ocean (5:27)



․ Toilet (109 mins)

Grandma Ocean


․ Punch (5 mins)

․ Baby Formula

(81 mins)

․ Family Reunion

(21 mins)

․ The Landlady (5 mins)

․ Turtle and Tears

(27 mins)

․ 3.11: In the Moment (90 mins)

․ Jinsuk & Me (85 mins)

․ Hope Bus, A Love Story (9 mins)

․ Of this World (26 mins)

․ G-Spotting: A Story of Pleasure and Promise

(52 mins)

․ Jacinta (9 mins)



․ When She Leaves

(119 mins)

․ Dinner (30 mins)

․ Intimacy (24 mins)

․ KungFu Grandma

(27 mins)

․ Today's Headline (19 mins)

․ Communique' (5 mins)

․ Girl Princes (81 mins)

Conversation with the Director

․ Mermaid (118 mins)

․ Pink Ribbon Inc.

(97 mins)

․ Punch (5 mins)

․ The Landlady

(5 mins)



․ Jacinta (9 mins)

․ Of this World

(26 mins)

․ G-Spotting: A Story of Pleasure and Promise (52 mins)

The Story of Our Sojourn Safety=Stability (11 mins)

*Non-Competitive Film Category

․ Thank You (24:05)

․ Mom Came Over the Sea (23:33)

․ Graduation Trip (30 mins)

․ Grandma Ocean (5:27)

Introduction & Conversation with Directors

․ Turn Me On, Goddammit (76 mins)

․ I wanna be Boss

(58 mins)

․ A School that Was Learning in the Moonlight (115 mins)

․! Women Art Revolution: A Secret History (83 mins)

․ Flying Plate


(*) A previous version of this article misstated the number of films without English subtitles. It is just one, not three. The Weekly regrets the error. -- Ed.

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