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Explore the enjoyment of donation by Jeju Furey
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승인 2013.06.11  10:11:05
페이스북 트위터
▲ Beach volley ball in Hamduk Seoubong beach. Photo by Kim Jinmi

On Sunday at beautiful Hamduk Seoubong beach with a nice weather, there were a lot of people playing volleyball. The laughters of people and music filled the beach. Expats from different countries were at the beach enjoying the volleyball tournaments.

These people playing the volleyball tournaments are the people who joined Jeju Furey, which is an organization to help poor people. It also gives a chance to meet different people.

Participants shared their thoughts about ‘Jeju Furey’ and reasons why they were in it. Sylvia, 24 from South Africa, said, “It’s really fun. I enjoy playing volleyball with a lot of friends.”

Talena Smith, 34 from Texas, joined this event because she liked to play volleyball and she is in the volleyball coach in KIS. She also thought that this is a good opportunity to have lots of fun. She even liked it more because it is for the charity. The people interviewed told that they would definitely participate in this tournament next time in October.

There were some people who were enjoying watching the game. Vince McDermott, 45 from United States, was watching this game because he had the friends playing the volleyball tournaments. He seemed to enjoy watching the game. He said, “Yeah, it’s fun. It’s a nice day.”

Katie Fregetto, 38 from Chicago Illinois, was also watching the tournaments, too. “Because my husband, Michael Ates, is playing on the tournaments, I am watching this game. Also, Jeju Furey donates money to charity to help community members. I also attend for that, to give back.” She played the game last year and she told that she would like to play in this tournament next October.

Daniel Nabbit, 33 from Canada, the founder of ‘Jeju Furey’ also had something to say about the original purpose of Jeju Furey. “Originally, there’s a friend of ours he died and he had two children. We had to get money for university education. it is expensive. So, to get that money, we had auctions, T-shirt sale and volleyball tournaments. After 6 months we raised enough money, we made our goals. We finished helping the kids but it’s so much fun. So we changed the purpose and we helped two Jeju families.”

He also explained that it is so much fun and everybody comes to play. Not only people who are good at volleyball, but also people who are not good at volleyball, such as expats, Koreans, boys, girls, old, young, everybody come and play. They are having a good time and helping poor people.

Everyone was having a fun day and enjoyed participating in this tournament at the beautiful Hamduk Seoubong beach. Moreover, they were glad at the fact that they are donating money by having fun playing volleyball.

The fact that Jeju Furey is gathering many people tells us that people like this organization. Maybe people are attracted to the fact that they can help poor people and also have fun.

How about joining Jeju Furey volleyball tournaments this October?

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