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Full Moon Festival - DJ timetable and videos
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승인 2013.07.08  10:02:03
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Will it be better than the original Full Moon Beach Festival in Thailand?

Well, our festival is not perfect as the Thai party, but we expect the Korean Full Moon Festival to be better than the Thai one after 3 or 5 years. To do that we are really working hard now and doing our best. 

Do you want Jeju to be a beach party island?

Yes. We want to hold this festival at a beautiful beach. There are a lot of festivals in Jeju but there are only few music festivals so we want people who are living in Jeju to be able to enjoy music festivals. Of course, we want this festival to get bigger and bigger and bigger :)

Exactly where will the event be held?

Our festival will be held on Hamdeok Seowubong Beach Special Stage (above the beach on the grass). We want the "beach" concept, but we are looking for a location that is a really good match for our festival. We expect that Hamdeok will be good for our festival compared to other locations because the residents who are living in Hamdeok have helped us and also we do not want to change the location every year.

How many people will attend?

Last year, even though we could not promote this festival a lot, roughly 3,000 people attended. Compared to last year, we have prepared a long time so we think a lot of people will come to our festival this year. Of course, we worry about how many people do come to our festival because nobody knows. That is why we really want everyone’s help!


What is the music policy?

We do not pursue any specific music. This question is little bit difficult for us, but we want all people to enjoy and our slogan is 'Let's Play.' We will do this with electronic music and variety of artists at on the field and stage.

Electronic music is the foundation of the festival and it will not change. There are a lot of festivals that are organized with just one concept in Korea. But, we do aim to be a big festival like that. Plus, we do not think our festival can be compared with really big music festivals, like the World DJ Festival. Our purpose is for all people to share the same mind, which is "Let's play," and we want to let everyone be artists, as well as audience members. In summer, we hope that people can show their own talents with exciting music, dance and beautiful scenery. All of these are part of our development processes to ensure the Korea Full Moon Festival is unique.

Will the music really stop at midnight?

Sadly, yes. It is because we have to consider the residents who live in Hamdeok. So, we have to finish by 12 a.m. However, we expect that if the festival is successful this year, the residents will allow the time to extend for future events. 

Hamdeok has tight sound restrictions - will the party disturb residents?

As we mentioned, our festival will finish at 12 a.m and also, all our facilities are placed toward the sea rather than the village, so as not to make noise.

What are you looking forward to most?

We want a lot of people to enjoy our festival without any boundaries between artists and the audience. We really hope that the event becomes essential on Jeju, so travelers think, ”we have to go to the Korea Full Moon Festival when we visit Jeju."


▲ Images from Korea Full Moon Festival 2012. Photo courtesy Korea Full Moon Festival

Some of the DJs who will play at the Korea Full Moon Festival 2013

DJ Insert Coin (Sunday, July 21)

DJ G-Tech (Sunday, July 21) and Kindergarten (Saturday, July 20)

DJ Bagagee (Sunday, July 21)

DJ Fenner (Saturday, July 20)

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