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Camping on Jeju: A traveler's guide
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승인 2013.08.26  09:46:06
페이스북 트위터
▲ Photo courtesy Bonggae Sammu Camping Site

Few people foresaw the astronomic rise of camping across South Korea in recent years and Jeju has been no exception. It has even caught the attention of the international press.

The Wall Street Journal notes that camping has become the romantic getaway of choice and highlights the spread of ““glamping,” a hybrid of “glamorous” and “camping” seen in “high-end camping packages offered by hotels.”

It isn’t all about glamour, however. Richard L. Guilfoile of outdoor brand Coleman says Korean campers brave all elements when pitching their tents. He told, Koreana, the arts and culture quarterly:

“Korea is probably the only country where people enjoy camping even when it rains or snows.”

While there may be a few Canadians who challenge that, it is clear that camping has exploded across the peninsula. To keep pace, The Jeju Weekly here provides a guide to some of the best camping spots across the island.

Happy camping!

Many beaches also have campsites. (See here for a complete guide to Jeju’s beaches)

Iho Tewoo Beach, Gwakji Gwamul Beach, Hyeopjae Beach, Geumneung Eutteumwon Beach, Jungmun Saekdal Beach, Hamdeok Seowoobong Beach, Gimnyeong Seongsegi Beach, Pyoseon Haevichi Beach

▲ Photo courtesy Bonggae Sammu Camping Site

Bonggae Sammu Campsite

Location: Jeju Hoecheondong

Transport: Jeju Intercity Terminal⇨Namjoro bus⇨Dong Hoecheon (30 min)Seogwipo Shinsigaji Intercity Terminal⇨Namjoro bus⇨Dong Hoecheon (2 hrs)

Facility: All facilities available, plus“tent houses” and warm baths

Fee: 25,000 won from May to August

Note: Once a branch of Samyang school, this shut-down school has been reconstructd into a campsite, run by the Jeju Ecological City Research Center. Tents can be pitched anywhere in the school grounds. Nearby, Geomeun Orem and Hamdeok Beach are both recommended.


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Mt. Halla Gwaneumsa Campsite

Location: Jeju, Odeungdong

Transport: Jeju Intercity Terminal⇨500, 502 bus⇨Jeju National University⇨1, 77 bus (weekends and holidays)⇨Gwaneumsa, Seogwipo Intercity Terminal⇨5.16 bus⇨Sancheondan⇨1 bus⇨Gwaneumsa (1 hr 30min)

Facility: bathroom, water, shower, and mini shop available

Fee: (depends on tent size) small 3,000, medium 4,500, big 6,000 won

Note: Lawn, wood, and ground campsites are available. Each site has lots of trees and plenty of shade. Due to being high on the mountain, it is very cool in summer. It is possible to pitch 30 to 40 tents here and there is good hiking nearby.

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Yongdam Reports Park

Location: Jeju, Yongdamdong

Transport: Jeju Intercity Terminal⇨city hall⇨7 bus⇨Yongdam Reports Park (40 min)

Seogwipo Intercity Terminal⇨5.16 bus ⇨ Jeju City Hall⇨7 bus ⇨Yongdam Reports Park (1 hr 40 min)

Facilities: All facillities are available including a nearby convenience store

Fee: free

Note: Although the site is near the airport, so it can be a little noisy during the day, on summer nights campers can enjoy the coastline, fishing and various sports facilities.

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Seogwipo Natural Recreation Forest

Location: Seogwipo, Daepodong

Transport: Jeju Intercity Terminal⇨1100 bus⇨Natural Recreation Forest (1 hr 10 min)

Seogwipo Intercity Terminal⇨Jungmungosok⇨World Cup Stadium⇨1100 bus⇨Natural Recreation Forest (40min)

Facilities: Toilets and a small shop are available, as is autocamping. In the visitors’ center, coffee and computers are available.

Fee: 1000 won per adult and 4000 won per tent

Note: Near to Jungmun Tourist Complex, various flora can be enjoyed nearby. The flora changes with the seasons, with azaleas in spring, the cooling forest in summer, changing colors in autumn and the white snow in winter.


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Donnaeko Camping Site

Location: Seogwipo, Sanghyodong

Transport: Jeju Intercity Terminal ⇨5.16 bus⇨Soegwi Industrial High School⇨walk 10 minute (1 hr 20 min),

Seogwipo (Beobeochon)⇨5.16 bus⇨Soegwi Industrial High School⇨walk 10 minute (50 min)

Facility: All facilities available except electricity. There is also an outdoor gym and small shop near the valley entrance.

Fee: Free

Note: In midsummer, it is traditional to eat chicken and have water therapy, and many believe this can heal neuralgia and visit at this time. The water flows from Mt. Halla and is always refreshingly cold and clean.

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Moguri Campsite

Location: Seogwipo, Seongsan

Transport: Jeju Intercity Terminal⇨Beonyeongro bus⇨Seongeup 1ri (1 hr 10 min) ⇨walk (30 min)

Seogwipo Shinsigaji Intercity Terminal⇨Beonyeongro bus⇨Seongeup 1ri(1hr30)⇨walk (30 min)

Facility: All facilities including entertainment facilities available. Sports facilities including inline skating and survival game facilities are available

Fee: Adults 2,400

Note: This site suits group and family camping owing to the various leisure facilities. Seongsan Sunrise Peak and Shinyang Beach are nearby, as is Moguri Oreum for hiking.


Auto camping (caravans/trailers)

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Holiday Park

Location: Gwakji, Aewol

Transport: Jeju Intercity Terminal ⇨Seoilju bus⇨Gwakjimomul (1 hr)

Seogwipo Intercity Terminal⇨circulation bus⇨Hallim cheonju church⇨Seoilju bus ⇨Gwakjimomul (1 hr 30 min)

Facility: All facilities are available, plus barbeque grills.

Fee: 270,000 won/night ~

Note: This auto campsite is owned by a large tour company and is just 5 minutes from Gwakji Gwamul Beach.


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White Home Pension

Location: Seogwipo, Hogeundong

Transport: Jeju Intercity Terminal ⇨Jungmungosok bus⇨Seogwi Girl's High School (1 hr 30 min)

Seogwipo Intercity Terminal⇨Jungmungosok bus ⇨Seogwi Girl's High School (15min)

Facility: All facilities are available, plus a pension and barbeque facilities

Fee: 120,000/night ~

Note: Known as the best luxury auto camper, a bottle of wine is provided and guests can enjoy a beautiful seaview from anywhere in the campsite.


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Jeju Healing Camp

Location: Seogwipo, Seongsan

Transport: Jeju Intercity Terminal⇨Beonyeongro bus⇨Pyoseonri (1 hr)

Seogwipo Intercity Terminal⇨Dongilju bus⇨Shinsanri (45 min)

Facility: Campers and barbeque grills are available.

Fee: 220,000 won/night ~

Note: Near to Seongsan Sunrise Peak, Pyoseon Beach, and a Jeju Olle, this site is surrounded by beautiful nature.


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