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A stellar performance from SuperStar Gemini
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승인 2013.08.28  11:28:01
페이스북 트위터

By June 19, 100,000 cruise tourists had visited Jeju. Compared to the same period last year, Jeju has seen the number of cruises double and tourist numbers quadruple. This is a major growth area and central to Jeju’s tourism growth strategy.

But despite the increased dockings, cruise tours are still seen as exclusive. Luckily, The Jeju Weekly got onboard SuperStar Gemini and enjoyed a tour by its welcoming crew.

Together with Norwegian Cruise Line, Star Cruises is the third largest cruise line in the world operating a combined fleet of 18 ships with approximately 35,000 lower berths. They maintain cruises to over 200 destinations in the Asia-Pacific, North and South America, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Mediterranean, Bermuda and Antarctica.

SuperStar Gemini was so named as the constellation twins protect seafarers and delight in entertaining guests with harp music. The ship houses a spate of onboard facilities for culinary pleasure and recreational fun, including restaurants of Chinese, Asian and international cuisines, open deck barbecue, show lounge, karaoke, spa and health club, beauty salon, children’s playroom and swimming pool.

With a passenger capacity of 1,532, the vessel houses 766 guest cabins in a variety of layouts including ergonomic oceanview staterooms, smartly-styled junior suites and deluxe executive suites.

With such facilities, it is no surprise that the SuperStar Gemini is attracting hordes of tourists from the world’s biggest city, Shanghai. Not only does SuperStar Gemini operate between Shanghai and Jeju, but also calls at Incheon, Yeosu and ports in Japan and China.

While some Gemini trips allow for a 1-night stay in Jeju, more than half trips only allow 3 to 4 hours after check-out. While SuperStar Gemini crew members claimed passengers are happy just to shop, we believe that there is much more to enjoy on the New7Wonder of Nature, Jeju Island than the underground shopping mall.

To ensure passengers fully appreciate Jeju’s many attractions, if there is time, short excursions are organized once the ship has docked at Jeju International Passenger Terminal. These include:

Love Land Tour
Jeju Cultural Tour
Teddy Bear Museum & Shopping Tour
Trick Art Museum Tour
Sunrise Peak Tour
Aqua Planet Tour
Drama & Movie World Tour
Glass Castle Tour
Nanta show

Below are some indicative ticket prices as provided by Prices have been rounded up and are displayed in US dollars. For current prices and offers, please consult tour providers directly.

4-night cruise
Ship: SuperStar Gemini
Departs: Shanghai, China
Departure date: 1 Aug to 5 Aug
Ports: Shanghai, High Seas, Jeju, Shanghai
Cruise fares from:

5-night cruise
Ship: SuperStar Gemini
Departs : Shanghai, China
Departure dates: 16 Aug to 21 Aug, 26 Aug to 31 Aug
Ports: Shanghai, High Seas, Fukuoka, Yeosu, Jeju, Shanghai
Cruise fares from:

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