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A traveler’s guide to Jeju driving coursesDriving on Jeju is about much more than just getting from A to B
폰트키우기 폰트줄이기 프린트하기 메일보내기 신고하기
승인 2013.09.10  19:10:24
페이스북 트위터
▲ Pages 12-13 from The Jeju Weekly Issue 97, September 2013

Jeju Island is famed for its landscapes and scenery and being in a car doesn’t mean you have to miss out. There are many routes across the island that allow passengers to take in the glory of Jeju’s natural wonders, whether they be terrestrial or maritime.

The Jeju Weekly has here selected 11 of the best courses across the island in partnership with Jeju Tourism Organization (JTO). Try these to get the most out of all the beaches, islands, oreum, and forests that Jeju has to offer.

Yongdam~Iho Coastal (용담-이호)

The Yongdam Coastal Road is near downtown Jeju and is easily accessed. There are many raw-fish restaurants and live cafes to enjoy and the night view is excellent. It is a perfect drive for couples and tourists who come for the beautiful coastal scenery and sunsets.

Nearby attractions: Yongduam (Dragon’s Head Rock)/Iho Tewoo Beach

Route: Jeju-siYongduamYongdam Reports ParkDoduIho-dong Path

Hagwi~Aewol Coastal Road (하귀-애월)

This road has many attractive pensions on the coastline and is a great place to look at the sea due to its pine tree forest and benches. It is famous for its unique lodges with beautiful views.

Nearby attractions: Gwakji Beach

Route: Jeju-siHallim ParkGwakji Beach

Shinchang Coastal Road (신창-고산)

The wind turbines along this part of the coast certainly take the breath away and some of the most beautiful sunsets of Jeju are seen at Jagune Port.

Nearby attractions: Chagwi-do (island)

Route: Jeju-siChagwi-do entrance Jagune Port

Gosan~Ilgwa-ri Coastal Road (고산-일과리)

The coast has spectacular views overlooking both Suwolbong (peak) and Chagwido and drying squid can be seen along the cliffs. The winter sea views are particularly beautiful as fishing villages unfold around the port like a watercolor painting.

Nearby attractions: Suwolbong/Chagwido/Gosan-ri Prehistoric Historical Site

Route: Jeju-siChagwidoSuwolbongIlgwa-ri

Sagye Coastal Road (사계)

Hyeongje-seom (islet) and Gapa-do and Mara-do (islands) provide unbeatable scenery for sunsets that will take the breath away. This exotic road was selected as one of Korea’s 100 most beautiful, being rarely used and lined with palm trees.

Nearby attractions: Mt. Songak/Hamo Beach/Hwasun Beach/Yongmeori Coast/Mt.Sanbang/Hyeongjeseom/Hamel Ship Exhibition

Route: Jeju-siO’Sulloc Tea MuseumMt. SongakHyeongjeseom (Islet)

Pyoseon Coastal Road (표선)

At low tide, the endless sandy beach looks like it joins with the sky and the ocean. The ocean is also extremely refreshing along this relaxing coastal drive with luxury resorts.

Nearby attractions: Pyoseon Beach/Pyoseon Folk Village Museum

Route: Pyoseon Folk Village MuseumPyoseon BeachHaevichi HotelGuesthouse

▲ Image courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

Sehwa~Jongdal Coastal Road (세화-종달)

This course is fantastic for the endless natural scenery and the fishy aroma of the sea. It takes in the majesty of UNESCO-designated Seongsan Ilchulbong and breathtaking views of Udo (island).

Nearby attractions: Jeju Women Divers’ Anti-Japanese Monument Park/Crinum lily habitat (Tokki-seom)/bird watching site/Jongdal-ri clam-catching ground/Udo/Seongsan Ilchulbong/Seopjikoji/Sinyang Beach/Honinji/Ilchul Land

Route: Jeju-siTokki-seom/UdoSeongsan IlchulbongIlchul Land

Gimnyeong~Haengwon Coastal Road (김녕-행원)

This road takes you past wide sand beaches with lapping shallow water, including the secluded Woljeong Beach with quaint coffee shops and the white sand of Gimnyeong Beach. In addition, there are hidden photo spots loved by couples.

Nearby attractions: Gimnyeong Beach/Manjanggul (cave)/Maze Park/Redpond Herb Farm

Route: Jeju-siGimnyeong BeachWindmill Village

Hamdeok Coastal Road ()

This coastal road is the first you will come across in the eastern area from Jeju City. White sand and lapping sea waves are complemented by beautiful sunsets. Hamdeok Seowoobong Beach provides the perfect opportunity for evening strolls.

Nearby attractions: Hamdeok Beach/ Jocheon Manse Hills

Route: Jeju-siHamdeok BeachSinheung-riJocheon-ri Manse Hills

1112 Highway (1112高速公路)(삼나무숲길)

If you’re planning to drive on a rainy day, we recommend you take road 1112, which is fully surrounded by Japanese cedars. Raindrops on the trees and the scent from the dense layer of cedars will refresh your mind and soul.

Nearby attractions: Japanese Cedar Forest/Saryeoni Forest/Jeongseok Space Museum/Sangumburi

Route: Mt. Hallatoward Jeju-siPyeongdaeri coastal road

1100 Road(1139 Highway)1139高速公路)(1100도로)

The 1139 Highway, also called the 1110 Road, links Jeju City and Jungmun and passes the 1100-meter-high Rest Area on Mt. Halla, the highest road in South Korea. Along this road, you also find Eorimok, Yeongshil and the Mysterious Road. Drive carefully as roe deer may unexpectedly cross the road.

Nearby attractions: Eorimok/Yeongshil/Mysterious Road

Route: Jeju-siMt. HallaSeogwipo

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