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Furey volleyball serves ace despite weatherThe weather did its best to dampen spirits, but the Furey community won through with another successful charity event
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승인 2013.09.22  22:15:34
페이스북 트위터

▲ A bracket champions "The Borean Mamba and the Five Honkies." Photo courtesy Dave Cunning

There’s a reason outdoor events need to be listed with a “rain or shine” disclaimer on them, and Jeju Furey’s recent Swing BVB 4 charity beach volleyball tournament was no exception. Players competing in the Sept. 14 sand series were subject to a large quantity of both weather options throughout the competition.

After braving both torrential downpour and scorching heat, the twelve team tournament ultimately saw two teams emerge on top of their respective pools. The B bracket winners were Dadidgers (다디저스), comprised of Queen Jang (퀸짱), Jini (지니), Ato (아토), Sseobi (써비), Ukko (우꼬), and Danggeun (당근). The A bracket champions were the Borean Mamba and the Five Honkies, featuring Elizabeth Holbrook, Joy Raimondo, Mary Summers, Harold Dale, Ryan Brown, and Dave Cunning. The A pool winners were treated to a live K-Rock concert on Saturday night at Jeju National Museum, put on by event partner Arirang Radio. The show featured up and coming K-Rock acts, including Broken Valentine, who signed CD’s and posed for pictures with the victors.

“It went really well,” said Mary Summers, acting president of Jeju Furey. “I think everyone was happy with it.”

Though Jeju Furey tournaments traditionally benefit local families in financial need, Swing BVB 4 was different. The funds raised by the tournament will instead be given back to the community of Hamdeok, in the form of permanent community beach volleyball courts installed on Hamdeok Beach.

“We’re hoping to provide the community with an opportunity to learn the sport, and to help the sport grow, which will ultimately help the charity and the money for the families,” Summers said.

The tournament raised 1,171,000 KRW through registration fees, beer sales, donations, and food sales – enough to erect one permanent court in the sand. Furey hopes to break ground on the project as soon as possible, but they first require Hamdeok’s approval of where and when the installation can begin. Summers thinks this will likely be after Furey’s next big beach volleyball tournament, BVB 10, but hopefully before winter sets in on the island.

BVB 10 will be played on October 12th and 13th at Hamdeok Beach, and registration of teams of six is currently open. The early bird deadline is September 25th at 11:59pm to secure a spot for only 240,000 KRW per team. After that, registration price rises to 300,000 KRW per group. Individuals without a team hoping to join one can register and be placed on a team, and students wanting to play will receive a discount on their sign-up fee.

Local Jeju teams will be joined by groups from Seoul, Busan, and various cities on Korea’s mainland – and this year, competitors will be joined by a squad from Japan for the very first time. Jeju Furey expects to see at least 30 teams compete in their tenth tournament.

To sign up for BVB 10, or for more information on the Furey Foundation, visit, or email

Dave Cunning is a freelance writer from Kelowna, BC, Canada. Read his blog and follow him on Twitter: @davecunning

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