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Hardly a light lunchHonest and generous food at The Lighthouse, Samyang
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승인 2013.10.02  08:52:27
페이스북 트위터
▲ The fish and chips at The Lighthouse is more than satisfying with generous portions. Photo by Darren Southcott

The Lighthouse does the simple things well. The restaurant, right on the Sam-yang seafront, is simplistic in its decor and style. The wide windows open gloriously to a green lawn, deep blue sea and light blue skies, dividing the vista into thirds, encouraging thoughtful gazing when the conversation drops off.

The restaurant has the feel of a grand lounge with wide tables and soft couches encouraging diners to while away a couple of hours rather than eat and leave. As you enter, tables face grand windows to the right and the kitchen and open dining area are at the heart of the premises. At the back is more seating.

First opening in 2011, the restaurant reopened this summer after plans to renovate as a branch of Oasis, another restaurant owned by the Lighthouse Mission Church, were put on hold. Profits are channeled through the church to youth ministries in Korea for coaching and mentoring.

▲ The Lighthouse's light interior. Photo courtesy The Lighthouse

Saehin Park of the Lighthouse says that the philosophy of the restaurant is “Loving Nature, Loving You,” and this is reflected in the “honest food and warm service” and the fresh local ingredients. “A good dish comes out of honesty and love for people,” says Park.

“Look at the size of that,” we marvel as the waitress brings out brunches with towering scrambled egg and bacon, one of a number of Western-style dishes, shakes and juices available. Park says they are one of the most popular dishes and we wonder if our order of fish and chips was the right choice.

We're not disappointed, however, as our order arrives. The fillet of cod is white and fresh, and coated in a crispy batter with sufficient crunchiness while not being too oily. I could have easily eaten a chip-paper-full of the “bits.”

There would be no complaints about portion size, either. The weighty fish balanced precariously on a bed of crinkle-cut chips, fat and plump and well accompanied by a homemade coleslaw dip.

Our second course was pancakes and ice cream, although I am sure that broke some kind of gastronomic rule at noon on a Sunday. Two were brought out topped with two rounded dollops of slowly melting ice cream, with fresh banana slices for good measure. Thick and flavorful, the moistness of the ice cream offset their slight dryness. We washed it all down with homemade ginger ale, with real ginger bits.In all, The Lighthouse is the perfect place to spend a couple of hours of a weekend. At the tables all around us no one was rushing to leave after their meal; rather, friends were chatting and taking in the ambience, aided by mellow tunes.

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