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The Methods of Education are Changing
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승인 2013.11.15  16:08:25
페이스북 트위터

{This article is written by a Junior Journalist. Junior Journalist articles are only briefly edited by mentors before publishing.}

Nowadays, we live in a global world. The number of tourists from many countries rapidly grows and already many multicultural families have moved here. Because of the nature of society, it is important to understand and share new cultures. People who develop these abilities may become global leaders. To create global leaders, the methods of education are changing. Each year, the Provincial Office of Education helps to create global leaders. One of the methods is through the Jeju Global Festival.

On Friday November 1st, 2013, the seventh Jeju Global foreign language festival was held. Many foreigners and students from various schools took part. There were 35 booths. High school club members and foreigners worked in booths with diverse programs. All of them were based on various countries’ cultures, from America, England, Australia, Mongolia, Vietnam, China, and Japan. They displayed their own culture.

One of the booths was 'The great down under' led by students from Australia.

Activities at the booth included cookie making and hand painting. However, there was a rule: before people did the programs, they had to pass a test. The test was a quiz about Australia. After passing the quiz they could do the activities they wanted. "I learned about Australia through the quiz and I liked making the Kangaroo painting! It was awesome. I had not known that kangaroos live there, but I learned it at that booth. “I want to learn English to go to Australia!” said Kim Young A (a 14-year-old middle school student).

The manager of the booth Jenny(24, from Australia) said “Our booth is a small Australia. People can experience Australia indirectly through our booth. I think it is a good way to know about our country. Besides, along with our booth, all our programs will be very helpful to students. They could enlarge their view of the world.”

Outside the booths, activities, useful contests and English shows were held. Many students took part in English essay contests and English Golden Bell quizzes. They enjoyed the musical too. Students could develop their English ability through these activities.

“Knowing the world is the first step to understanding various cultures. However, studying them is very hard and boring. So it is important that they learn them with fun. This festival is the best chance to do that. People learned about cultures during various enjoyable activities and they find them interesting. I want many people to learn about many things through this festival” said Kang Won Hyo. He said that the Provincial Office of Education will continue to put more effort into the festival.

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