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Life is what you make itVadim Plaksin’s adventure of lifelong learning
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승인 2009.10.28  17:29:12
페이스북 트위터
▲ Vadim Plaksin is a man involved in many pursuits, from his research at Jeju National University to his passion for dancing and all things creative at Jeju’s United Clubs. Photos by Tina Janssen
A typical day for Vadim Plaksin, Russian researcher at Jeju National University, includes “working on machines, to design and make devices with my hands, drafting devices, preparing papers and writing presentations.” Plaksin is the co-inventor of a “matter reducing apparatus for diesel engines,” a device that was submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in February of this year. In addition, he has three other existing patents and continuously works on improvements that will lead to subsequent patents.

Just as Plaksin continues his research and quest for knowledge at the university, he “continues to improve and upgrade himself” on a daily basis. His passion and zest for continued learning has led to a lifestyle of non-stop self-development. He has learned a variety of languages and studied a number of wellness related topics such as Buddhism, meditation, ballroom dancing, martial arts and strength training. Perhaps it’s not surprising to hear that Plaksin, given his interests, is also organizer of United Clubs of Jeju. Plaksin wanted to provide a community in which people can get together and pursue their interests and quest for knowledge with like-minded English-speaking others. As a result, many foreigners have had the opportunity to not only pursue their current talents and interests, but to make new friends and learn from other expats. Plaksin admits he is very proud of this community, and explains that he “sees everyone as his personal guests” and is “honored” by their presence.

Plaksin came to Jeju Island from Moscow, Russia, five and a half years ago, after realizing that his diligence, passion for research, and high academic standards were being rewarded by an income that covered only his living expenses. Realizing that he needed additional work beyond that of a full-time researcher and professor at Moscow State University, he took on an extra role, which he describes as “Secretary in charge of ballroom dance and Break-dance,” at the Sports University, organizing dance competitions.

Despite the supplemental income, Plaksin found that Russia’s economy did not allow him to earn an income which would fully support his family. As a result, he came to Jeju Island to join Professor Lee Heon-ju’s research and academic team. The team worked on a project of fuel reformation which uses plasmatrons to clean diesel engine exhausts. In addition to conducting research, Plaksin has taught courses on the principles of plasma cells and the diagnostics of plasma.

Not only has Plaksin’s work at Jeju National University been professionally rewarding, it has proven to be financially rewarding as well. It has allowed him to provide himself and his family with a better lifestyle. His family continues to live in Russia. His wife, Yulia is a school teacher, and is studying physics at Moscow State University. They have two children, Milana, 11, and Pankrat, 7. In fact, Plaksin named Milana Hall, the hall used for many United Clubs activities, after his daughter. His family keeps in touch frequently using the internet and a webcam. They have had an opportunity to spend time on Jeju Island. Plaksin is proud to have given them the opportunity to experience Korean culture. They spend vacation time with each other twice yearly, once in Russia and once on Jeju. There is no doubt that Plaksin’s motto of “continuous learning and self-development” continues to live through his children.
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