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Psyche World is a kaleidoscope of colorButterflies abound for Jeju’s amusement and education
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승인 2009.11.12  15:21:39
페이스북 트위터
▲ A trip to Psyche World, which houses the worlds largest butterfly museum, should be reconsidered by those who suffer from entomophobia, but sadly they would be missing out on a collection that contains some of the most vibrant and colorful insects on the planet. Photo by Kim Gyong Ho

Psyche World, a park of five themes, is located on the outskirts of Jeju City and is the home of the largest butterfly museum on the planet. The director of Psyche Storyeum, the name of the butterfly museum, was previously a teacher in the study of butterflies who convinced the owner of the Psyche World theme park to devote an entire section to the enchanting insect. Today, visitors can see the brilliance of various butterfly wings, while at the same time, exploring the origin, life, and prosperity of the butterfly.

The name Psyche is derived from Roman mythology; it is the name of Cupid’s wife, who was blessed with so much beauty that Venus attempted to destroy her out of jealousy. The name Psyche is appropriate for such a theme park, in which the colors of butterflies captivate the eye with unparalleled vibrancy.

Upon entering the museum, paintings of Roman mythology welcome visitors as they prepare to embark for the land of butterflies. Inside there are informative diagrams about the butterfly, making the experience both educational and fun. Topics such as the dimensions of the insect and the process of reproduction are just bits of the vast information that the Psyche Storyeum has to offer.

Adults can explore scientific details about the butterfly, while children are free to enjoy the playful scenes about the imaginary life of insects. Located in the third room of the museum are tableaus of insects exercising in a gym, living on the North Pole, in conquest of the moon-- even singing in a Noraebang! It is interesting to note that all of the creatures in the scenes, whether butterflies or not, are the preserved bodies of insects that have been collected on Jeju island.

The second floor of the museum is home to living butterflies, birds, snakes, and guinea pigs, among others. Visitors can roam and watch how the animals live from behind the safety of glass windows. Visitors are even given the opportunity to play with the birds if they so desire, allowing them to hop onto their shoulders.

The final portion of the Storyeum offers a souvenir shop where visitors are able to purchase necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other novelties that are composed of real butterflies preserved in glass.

▲ Not just a world of bugs, Psyche World affords the opportunity to get lost in the optical illusion of its Crystal Palace and frolic with animals in the Wild Rabbit Park. Left, photo courtesy Psyche World. Others by Kim Gyong Ho

The rest of Psyche World is equally interesting. The Crystal Palace, for instance is a world composed of mirrors. Visitors are encouraged to play with optical illusions and to get lost in a maze of mirrors through which one must rely upon their sense of touch in order to escape. Seil Park offers thrill and action for the adventure seeker with an inviting obstacle course composed of wires in the sky.

For children, there is the Ancient Castle Labyrinth Park and Wild Rabbit Park where they can first navigate a castle maze and then pet and feed friendly animals.

The Queens House, the newest addition to Psyche World, is devoted to jewelry. It houses Royal British jewelry, Asian Antique jewelry, as well as replicas of famous jewelry featured in films.

The park opens at 8:30 am all days of the week. From Jeju City, 10 minutes towards Jungmun through Pyeongwharo (No 1135), enter onto No 6 crossroads (Horse Race Park) and go straight 300 m. From Seogwipo, drive toward Jeju City through Pyeongwharo (No 1135), enter into No 7 crossroads (Sogil) and go straight 600 m. For more information, call 064-799-7272 or visit
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