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Jeju votes for next governorJeju citizens go to the polls on June 4 to select the province’s next governor
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The local elections to be held on June 4 are only the sixth of the democratic era in South Korea. Jeju, despite having the smallest population among the voting regions, is regarded as an important province in gauging the public mood and the election itself was regarded a litmus test for the Park Geun-hye administration.

The turnout in 2010 was 65.1 percent, the highest in the nation, and the winning margin was conversely the lowest of any governor or mayor nationwide, with 41.4 percent voting in Woo Keun-min. Woo decided not to stand for reelection and the 2014 election sees four candidates going head to head.

The gubernatorial campaigning began on May 22 and for the first time in Korean history voters were able to cast their votes before election day on June 4 with voting also on May 30 and 31. Preparations were dominated by the Sewol ferry disaster and all parties maintained low-key campaigns with issues around maritime passenger safety prominent.

The main parties

New Frontier Party

The ruling conservative New Frontier Party is headed by President Park Geun-hye and has changed its name (previously the Grand National Party) and color (blue to red) since the 2010 local elections.

New Politics Alliance for Democracy
This left-leaning party headed by Kim Hangil and Ahn Cheol-soo did not exist in 2010. It is the result of a 2014 merger between the main opposition, Kim’s Democratic Party (formerly known as the Democratic Union Party) and entrepeneur Ahn’s New Political Vision Party.

Unified Progressive Party
This liberal party was formed in 2011 as a merger of the Democratic Labor Party, the People’s Participation Party and a faction of the New Progressive Party. It has 13 seats in the national assembly making it the third major party and is led by Lee Jeonghee.


▲ Won Hee-ryong of the New Frontier Party. Photo courtesy Election Campaign Offices

Candidate 1: Won Hee-ryong

Seogwipo-native Won of the New Frontier Party is a career politician and a law graduate from Seoul National University. The 50-year-old was elected to the 16th, 17th and 18th National Assemblies and is a former general secretary of the Grand National Party (now New Frontier Party).

1.Construct a horizontal governance system to increase local participation in policy making;
2.Promote high-value convergence in the tourism industry through intensified R&D investment;
3.Reenergize Jeju primary and service industries through the integration of production, distribution, sales, and leisure and tourism;
4.Promote high-tech future industries and job creation by enhancing IT-BT-CT services and constructing eco-friendly Smartgrid city infrastructure;
5. Improve community welfare support.


▲ Shin Gu-beom of the New Politics Alliance for Democracy. Photo courtesy Election Campaign Offices

Candidate 2: Shin Gu-beom
Former farmer Shin of the New Politics Alliance for Democracy is 72 years old and from Jeju City. He studied law at the Korea National Open University and is a former Jeju governor (1995-1998). He is also former president of the National Livestock Cooperation Federation.

1.Raise 4 trillion won in local capital for the creation of 5,000 jobs every year and produce 3 million tons of Samdasoo water, 1.5 million tons of which will be exported.
2.Implement a guaranteed farm price system, make primary industries eco-friendly and increase haenyeo pensions to 200,000 won per month for the over-70s;
3.Improve the structure of the Jeju tourism industry, establish tourism social coorporatives, a MICE Center, a ※China Street§ and host a twice-yearly duty-free expo;
4.Designate Jeju an educational special district with college admission support and free study abroad programs;
5.Implement direct elections for the head of local adminstrative districts at eup, myeon, dong levels.


▲ Unified Progressive Party candidate Ko Seung-wan. Photo courtesy Election Campaign Offices

Candidate 3: Ko Seung-wan

Ko is an Aewol native and former agricultural worker and is a candidate for the Unified Progressive Party. He is a graduate of Korea International Culture University. The 49-year-old is vice-chairman of the Alumni Association of ROK Army and is the former president of the Aewol-eup chapter of the Korean Agricultural Workers League.

1.Oppose the Korea-China FTA to save Jeju agriculture;
2.Oppose the reckless development of Jeju, abolish permanent residency for foreign investors and ban casino construction;
3.Supply free water, electricity and gas to residents and establish a free bus system;
4.Improve labor conditions and establish a labor union for temporary employees.
5.Nationalize the Incheon-Jeju cruise line to guarantee public safety and the delivery of farm products to the mainland.


▲ Independent candidate and Buddhist monk Ju Jong-geun. Photo courtesy Election Campaign Offices

Candidate 4: Ju Jong-geun

The only monk among the candidates, 67-year-old Ju is an independent and graduated from Gunsan Commercial High School. He is now head monk at Jonjaam, Yeongsil and is also the president of the Jeju chapter of the National Forest Protection Association.

1.Guarantee the conservation of Mt. Hallasan;
2.Implement a week-long 4.3 memorial ceremony with offerings of rice, vegetables, pancake, fruits and tile fish;
3.Create 40,000 jobs through 8 trillion won business and culture investment between Korea-Japan-China;
4.Improve welfare for senior citizens, the elderly, the infirm and the disabled.
5.Provide 50 to 70 percent discounts on flights and free admission for locals to tourist attractions and museums.

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