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Art and technology collide at the Jeju Museum of ArtKorean artists utilize technology to create a multisensory experience
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승인 2009.11.26  13:30:41
페이스북 트위터

The Jeju Museum of Art opened its doors several months ago with the awesome Eye of the Pacific exhibit, which offered a collection of international modern works in a variety of media. The museum has now graduated to a new exhibit entitled Art and Techne: The Dreams of Da Vinci, which it will house until the end of January. The show includes the work of 16 Korean modern artists in sculpture, painting, video, installation, and media art. The collection aims to bring science and art together, highlighting innovative pieces that utilize modern technology to expand the creative possibilities of the artist’s work.

The show succeeds in displaying a wide variety of inventive pieces. Using lasers, holograms, time lapse photography, and recognition technology, the pieces are often interactive and generally exciting.

Some of the artists use technologically advanced materials to create traditional pieces. Kwon O. Sang has two pieces, both large sculptures of people covered in photographs and a shining laminate. His Manchester Mounted Police Man is a life size horse and rider in vivid color. The effect of the pieces of photograph is one of a digitized, pixilated image creating a comment on modern technology.

Bae Joonsung's The Costume of Painter is a comical painting incorporating lenticular, a holographic material. The painting shows a man and a little girl looking at classical paintings of women in Renaissance dress. When the angle of perspective is changed, the clothes vanish and headless nudes appear.

In the small, back rooms are several installations. An eye-catching piece by Lee Han Su titled Fancy Nirvana is an installation of neon colored garden lights shaped in a configuration like the Buddha’s head. The lights are arranged around a large room like dominoes, illuminated by a black light while little Cupid lights fly up the walls. The piece is fun, colorful, and inviting.

The most creative piece is called Mobilelandscape, by Kim Jong Gu. As the audience enters the room, they are greeted by a long scroll of calligraphy under tiny piles of sand on the floor. A camera focusing on the image of the scroll projects the live imagine onto a screen. When the viewer stands near the scroll, their feet appear on the screen next to the 'mountains' of sand. The piece is clever and intriguing.

The Museum houses several exhibitions at a time with Art and Techne appearing in the center gallery, but the Citizen's Gallery and the Upper Gallery are also featuring new work for the winter.

The Upper Gallery is housing a collection that includes photography, calligraphy, landscapes, portraits, and modern abstract pieces. The visually stunning Pumpkin, by Yoyoi Kusama is a stand out piece. The Wound in Marriage, by Song Mian shows an elaborate wedding dress soaking in a pool of blood, creating a detailed and thought provoking painting. The large Jong Bang Ha Peun Waterfall painting, by Mun Bong Seon is large and beautiful; a vivid depiction of the tumbling falls in black and white. The show will be displayed until the end of February.

The Citizen's Gallery on the first floor features new work by the cartoon artist Hee Hae Gi. The magical pictures of tigers and Korean maidens are funny, bright, and alive. The gallery also has animation playing on the wall. The show runs until Feb. 2, 2010.

The Museum also encourages visitor participation with an ongoing interactive art project. With four wood block prints and ink, the public can create their own print by pounding paper onto the block with a mallet. The blocks are carved with beautiful images and the resultant print is a great souvenir of a day at the museum. While the print dries, one can watch an animated film in the theater. The theater’s hours of operation are from 10:30 - 11:30 am and 2:00 - 3:30 pm every day, with an extension until 4 pm on Sunday.

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