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Fun and learning combined at JAMThe Jeju Aerospace Museum allows tourists to learn about aeronautical history and the science of space
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승인 2014.07.04  15:32:39
페이스북 트위터

[This article was written by a “ JDC junior journalist” and is published as an NIE (newspaper in education) resource for English education.]

The Jeju Aerospace Museum, also known as JAM, is a high-tech museum where aviation and space are introduced both 1)educationally and for entertainment. With exhibits from the Korean Air Force, JAM is dedicated to world aircraft history and A)the human2)fascination with the stars, from ancient astronomy up until the age of 3)space exploration.

Tourists can experience not only the solar system including stars and planets, but they can also learn about the physics of space such as galaxies, black holes and the process of its creation. A virtual reality 5D theater allows tourists to discover the amazing universe as never experienced before.

There are two main floors in the Jeju Aerospace Museum. The first floor is about the history of flight, from the Wright Brothers up to the modern day and 4)supersonic flight. There are other treats too such as the Gallery of Korea’s Air Force, Secrets That Are Hidden in the Aircrafts, Flight Technology, and How Things Fly.

The second floor goes up even higher, reaching space with themed facilities to appeal to visitors’ five senses such as the 5D stereoscopic, a high-quality movie about 5)constellations in a room with a dome-shaped floor. Tourists can communicate with imaginary aliens by making their own characters, as well as learn about 6)aerospace through 7)interactive monitors and 3D glasses.

Most tourists at JAM were from either Seoul or Jeju Island and in addition to the attractions outlined, they liked the fact that the museum is large and clean. However, it was so big that many of the 8)interviewees had not yet been able to see it all.

The visitors also mentioned B)a few areas for improvement. Yang Seo-wan, a 47-year-old man from Jeju City, said, “It would be nice if the outside, like the garden, could be decorated. I think there are not enough benches inside. Tourists don’t have anywhere to sit if there are too many people.”

Some tourists compared JAM to other museums they had visited. A woman from Seoul said she had been to the Jeju Automobile Museum but she preferred JAM because it was less like an exhibition and her children are more interested in science, space and aliens.

The Jeju Aerospace Museum is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and weekends although C)it is closed every first and third Monday of the month. Basic admission costs 15,000 won for adults, 13,000 won for teenagers and soldiers, and 11,000 won for children. Discounts are available for groups and Jeju residents.

There are additional charges from 3,500 won to 5,000 won to gain access to additional attractions such as the 5D movie theater, the interactive movie, and to go into the dome-shaped theater. Free audio mp3 guides are also available for all, although foreign tourists need identification.

* Vocabulary 단어
1) educationally (adv.) 교육적으로
2) fascination (n.) 매혹
3) space exploration 우주탐험
4) supersonic (adj.) 초음º”의
5) constellations (n.) 별자리
6) aerospace (n.) 항공우주
7) interactive (adj.) 쌍방향의
8) interviewees (n.) 취재에응하는사람들

* Expressions 표현
A) the human fascination with the stars 별들에매혹된인간
B) a few areas for improvement 개선이되어야«“몇가지영역
C) it is closed every first and third Monday of the month 매달첫번째와세번째월요일은문을닫는다.

* Discussion points 토론주제
1. In your opinion, is JAM for education or entertainment? 당신의생각에는제주항공우주박물관이교육과즐거움중어느것을위한곳인가요?
2. In what ways are museums more effective than schools in educating children? 아이들교육에있어학교보다박물관이어떤부분에서더효율적일까요?
3. What educational museum would you build on Jeju and why? 어떤교육적인박물관을제주에세우고싶은지, 또한그이유는무엇인가요?

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