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Beer and pizza shop gives back to communityMalt 9 donates 1 million won every month to deserving causes
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승인 2014.07.18  20:29:33
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▲ Yang Gil-Hyun introduces his brews from both Korea and abroad. Photos by Darren Southcott

It isn’t just the taste that has been attracting attention at a new pizza and beer joint near the Grand Hotel in Shin Jeju. Malt 9 general manager, Yang Gil-Hyun, has also been donating a slice of his pizza profits to local causes as part of his corporate social responsibility efforts.

Yang launched the business in Decem-ber 2013 after gathering funds from five investor partners to establish a social enterprise. Yang accordingly funds local causes through monetary donations, dedicating 1 million won per month.

The causes supported since January include a local education and support center for North Korean refugees, the Jeju Culture Forum, a research center for the pro-democracy movement, a local women's organization and a traditional Korean music group.

Yang has also partnered with The Jeju Weekly to hold a night of thanks for the international community on Jeju. There will be music and plenty of beer and pizza deals, plus donations for a women's shelter, on Friday, July 25. Editor Darren Southcott recently caught up with Yang and discussed his business.

“Mr. Yang was telling me about the beers he is getting in from Seoul and some of the imports, too. They are some of the best around on the island. There are a few of these pizza-stroke-beer places on the mainland so it is great to get one down here,” said Southcott.

▲ Patrick Conway tucks into pizza at Malt 9 as part of a Jeju Weekly planning meeting. Photo by Darren Southcott

The enterprise is affiliated with “The Booth,” a pub franchise with seven outlets in mainland Korea. Although Malt 9 is run completely independently, it also offers the same huge, cheesy, thin and floppy pizzas - two hands are needed to guide a slice into your mouth- and has some of the same beers on tap.

The beer includes Bill’s pale ale and weizen, both shipped down from the Kapa Brewery in Seoul. The oatmeal stout and watermelon wheat ale are imports from California. Yang said he wants to bring some happiness to the Jeju people through social enterprise and quality service.

He also offers membership packages starting at 1 million won per month and after six months he has 50 members, mostly local beer lovers. Members not only become business partners but also receive monthly beer vouchers and are able to claim back their initial investment at the end of the year.

Yang is in charge of all legal and accounting matters at Malt 9 and inter-ested parties should give him a call on 010-3698-8725.

89 Noyeon-ro, Shin Jeju
6 p.m. - 1 a.m.

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