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Forum opened the “Marine Generation”2014 Asia Cruise Forum Jeju looks to cement Jeju’s role as regional leader of cruise growth
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승인 2014.11.28  18:03:35
페이스북 트위터

▲ Photo courtesy Princes Cruises

The 2014 Asia Cruise Forum Jeju earlier his year signaled continued growth after the inaugural event last year, with 12 months of Asian cruise success to reflect on over the three days at Jeju Grand Hotel, Jeju City.

With the tagline of the “New Wave of Asia Cruise Tourism,” from Wednesday, Aug. 27, to Friday, Aug. 29, around 1,000 attendees and 15 exhibitors took in what is fast becoming the region’s premier cruise forum.

Last year’s proud sponsor was Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, and this year a number of cruise lines joined the team, recognizing the great waves the forum has made in the industry — Costa Crociere S.p.A, Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean.

There were some additions in the hosts, too. In its first year, the “Made in Jeju” event was hosted by Jeju province alone, but for 2014 the central government jumped on board in the form of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries — a significant catch.

The success of the forum spoke for itself and it staked a claim for Jeju to be the “Center of the New Wave of Asia Cruise Tourism.” This is at a time when Asia leads the world in cruising growth.

The forum provided a unique platform for networks of peers and industry insiders to build an Asian cruise hub on Jeju through fruitful cooperative relationships.

The prestigious ACTA Annual Meeting was a case in point, as was the 3rd Korea Cruise Association (Government) & Cruise Lines Meeting, ACLN Annual Conference and International Marine Tourism Seminar (Tourism Academia). All chose the forum after recognizing there is no better chance to get cruise leaders together in one place to strategize for the future.

Experts from all of the main cruise lines and nations across the region debated the key issues relating to Asian cruising today, such as reviewing cruise policy, discussing strategies for growth, source market development, ports of call, goods procurement, visa and immigration and much more.

Jeju’s role in this was crucial, at the center of a region currently energized by the explosion of the “marine generation.” People are even talking about the reopening of the “Marine Silk Road,” with Jeju as the center and a conduit for exchange between the region's cultures and peoples.

This is an exciting time for the island and for the region, as Jeju steers the course towards the Asian Century.


● Fastest growing market, Asia leads the World
● Network with Peers and Key people in the industry
● Play the role of the Asia Cruise Hub
● Ideal venue for Building Cooperative Relationships
● International Marine and Cruise EXPO in the future
● Geographically well-positioned on the cruise routes
● Vigorous governmental effort towards development

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