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NACF bringing Korea togetherEmphasising togetherness in a world where people and nature can coexist in harmony
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This is a promotional article for National Agricultural Cooperative Federation.

Welfare of farmers
The NACF enhances the welfare and effectiveness in farming and fishing villages by strengthening the local cultural and welfare services and implementing welfare programs that benefit a large population. Also, it makes significant contributions to increasing the income of farmers and creating new jobs through projects that provide human resources to vulnerable agricultural areas and volunteers to farming villages as well as collaborative projects with local governments.

Multicultural Family Support Project
The NACF has strengthened the existing projects that are set in place to cultivate human resources and help multicultural families make secure settlements in farming communities and the Korean society. We have provided support to multicultural families for visiting their home countries and changing their names to Korean names and helped women with multicultural backgrounds finish college. We are committed to creating a national bond and giving an ongoing and systematic support by creating more opportunities and establishing a step-by-step support system to expand our support for multicultural families.

Establish local culture and welfare centers
The NACF has commenced numerous niche culture and welfare projects in farming regions, which are too often missed by other welfare organizations and institutions, in order to improve the quality of life for residents of these regions and to strengthen the cultural and welfare services in the local communities.

This allows a large number of farmers and local residents to benefit from these programs. The NACF is working to raise public awareness about itself through the implementation of the programs that provide
visible benefits to farmers and is contributing to enhancing the welfare and effective operation of farming and fishing villages through its welfare services.

Foreign Workforce Employment Support
This is a system that provides opportunities for employers (farmers) to hire foreign workers from overseas such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Nepal in compliance with the “Law Regarding the Employment of Foreign Workers, etc.,” and the size of the foreign workforce is being increased every year. The NACF submits applications on behalf of farmers and conducts educational, management and support activities in order to minimize any inconveniences for the farmers involved in the program. This project helps to alleviate the problems of the aging society in farming regions and the decline in the number of individuals who wish to work in the agricultural industry.

Human Resources Support for Vulnerable Farming Regions
Farming assistants are dispatched to farming households suffering from accidents or diseases and domestic helpers are dispatched to farming households with aging population in order to increase the income of farmers by facilitating stable farming activities and maintaining basic domestic activities. This contributes to increasing the farmers’ income and creating jobs using idle workers in farming regions.

Supporting Farming Villages through Volunteers
A program has been established in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice; individuals who need to provide volunteer services are asked to serve in projects with public interests, such as working in agricultural regions, helping in restoration projects in disaster-stricken areas and improving residential environment. This helps them redeem themselves for causing harm and damage to society and invoke a sense of public servitude. Also, it provides economic benefits to farmers by relieving the difficulties caused by lack of workforce.

Funeral Business of the NACF
The NACF operates a funeral support group and funeral homes in order to ease the difficulties of conducting
funeral services and relieve the financial burden suffered by the aging communities in the
farming regions. Our services include making funeral arrangements, providing funeral supplies and taking
care of burial sites.

Social contribution activities
The NACF has actively practiced ‘Sharing Management’by spending KRW76.5 billion, which is the largest amount spent amongst all the major banks in Korea. As a member of the local community, an agricultural cooperative is engaged in various social contribution activities to aid underprivileged and neglected socioeconomic classes. We hope to realize the ‘value of togetherness’ by conducting our business based on the principle of mutual growth and development of our clients, farmers, urban residents and local communities.

Scholarship Program
The Scholarship Program of the NACF, which is one of the largest national scholarship programs offered, has offered 37.3 billion won of scholarships to 50,422 individuals to foster outstanding talents in agricultural regions and to minimize the financial burden of tuition costs for farmers. Also, the first private
Scholarship Center that can accommodate up to 500 people was built for children of farmers who are studying in the capital area. In addition, we are working to facilitate the emotional growth of young adolescents through the Youth Hope Study Room and Sending Books to Rural Schools Projects.

Movement for Creating Hope in Farming Villages
The Movement for Creating Hope in Farming Villages is conducted with a purpose to create hope, encourage
farmers and increase a sense of reward and value for volunteers by providing organized and concentrated support of resources from companies and institutions to farming regions that are in need. Numerous medical, legal, welfare, cultural, artistic and educational activities are in place. In 2010, some 4,000 volunteers participated in the movement and about 25,000 individuals benefited. We will strive to minimize the problems and weaknesses of the agricultural regions by developing more various programs and secure our image by helping to maintain a cooperative relationship between farming villages and participating organizations.

Repairing Houses with Love
This is a project conducted to improve the residences of low-income classes among farmers, including seniors living alone, the handicapped and young boys and girls who are the head of their families. It gives hope to farmers living in the dire situations.

Sharing Love, Blood Drive
This campaign has been conducted every year to celebrate the foundation of the NACF. The NACF employees from all over the country participate in the campaign to practice ‘Sharing Management’ along with their neighbors.

Free Medical Service Tour in Farming Villages
In cooperation with major domestic hospitals, such as the Korea University Medical Center, (Seoul) Asan Medical Center, Samsung Medical Center and Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine, the NACF has provided free medical services to 17,386 individuals through a total of 38 medical tours since 2008. Also, free surgical procedures have been provided to patients suffering from cleft lip, growth plate tumors and dwarfism. In cooperation with the Seoul National University Hospital, NH Insurance provides free medical services to agricultural regions. For four years since 2007, 60,600 farmers have benefited through a total of 38 medical service tours.

Volunteering Work of the NACF Employees
The NACF designates “Volunteering Period of the NACF Employees” at the end of every year, and during which the NACF employees become involved in volunteer activities for the low-income, underprivileged classes in the farm villages. We have strengthened the public status of the NACF through direct volunteer services and donation of household products at a national level.

Companion Service
Consultants from our Customer Service Center call seniors living alone in agricultural regions to talk to them and keep them company. They make phone calls at least once a week to ask them how they are doing and to provide information on financial fraud prevention and emergency phone numbers. Most of all, they help ease the feelings of loneliness often felt by seniors living alone.

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