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Golf in Jeju has plenty of surprisesFrom affordable public courses to one of the world's best, Jeju has it all
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승인 2015.06.11  14:38:41
페이스북 트위터

Golf on Jeju is teeing off this year. Photo by Jeju Tourism Organization

This is an advertorial for Jeju Special Self-Governing Province.

As sports visitors to Jeju increase annually, golf remains crucial to the local tourism industry with as many as 1.15 million golf tourists expected this year, adding 546 billion won to the local economy.

If you are a golfer this is definitely the time to join in the fun as Jeju tour chiefs are spearheading a marketing drive, making it even cheaper to golf on one of the world’s New7Wonders of Nature.

As well as publishing the 2015 Jeju Golf Product Guide to promote the local industry, golfers can enjoy golf+accommodation+food package deals at 22 participating courses across the island.

Golf has always been crucial to Jeju’s tourism industry and with cheap green and cart fees, Jeju's outstanding natural environment, and subtropical climate, is open to all.

International prestige
The 2015 World Club Champion-ship is considered one of the most coveted amateur events in golf and is often compared to the Walker Cup and Ryder Cup.

The host is selected from among the top 100 clubs worldwide, as chosen by US-based GOLF Magazine, and this year The Club at Nine Bridges on Jeju, ranked 45th in the world, will co-host.

It is to be one of Jeju’s biggest ever golfing events with 500 golfers from the US, Canada, the UK and 13 other countries gathering from May 19 for 22 days of competition.

Such prestigious events are nothing new to the island.

Jeju has some of the best golf courses in the world as well as some of the most affordable. Photo by Jeju Tourism Organization

Back in 2008, the island held European PGA event the Ballantines Classic at the Pinx Golf Club for the first time. It was such a success it was held here again in 2009 and 2010.

Women’s golf is also huge on Jeju, and the KLPGA held its 2015 season opener, the Lotte Mart Ladies Open, in April at the Lotte Sky Hill Country Club, Seogwipo.

But Jeju is not only about professionals (or world-leading amateurs): everyone is welcome to play.

Since 2011 the Jeju International Golf Festival has been held and the annual two-week event attracts up to 1,000 participants and companions. There is also the JTO’s President’s Cup, held throughout the year since 2013.

Don't forget the public courses everyone can enjoy at discounted rates.

Nine Bridges is not only one of the world’s top courses, it also has a six-hole public course offering the best value in Asia.

Ecoland Golf Course, seeded with organic Jeju grass, has a whopping 27 holes and the challenging public course at Jeju Country Club has nine holes.

So, if you are a pro, an amateur, or just someone looking to get started, Jeju has something for you.
Jeju, the island bursting with titles, is about to tee off with one more — The Island of Golf.

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