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Feel the Jeju autumn with all your senses!
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승인 2015.10.05  10:52:21
페이스북 트위터

Experience the homeliness of a Jeju Olle, the thrill of riding on horseback through the fields or the fresh sea breeze on your face as you play a leisurely round of golf!

Jeju embraces the wind throughout the year, but it is at its most romantic in autumn. Follow it along an Olle between crooked Jeju stonewalls or as it wends through fields of silver grass as you ride on horseback.
And don’t forget to watch the lengthening shadow of Hallasan as it chases the light across the landscape of changing colors.

Feel the Olle spirit again this October
Walkers will join the event along two trails and complete the circuit of Jeju Island

It is no coincidence, then, that the Jeju Olle Foundation holds its Jeju Olle Walking Festival at this time of year. So, if you haven’t yet felt the Olle spirit firsthand, this is your best chance.
The spirit of the Jeju Olle Walking Festival is much more than just walking. You will see people from all over the world come together to walk, yes, but also dance, sing, skip and hug.
It is no coincidence that this year’s slogan is “Let’s have fun on the trail,” all led, of course, by the zestful Jeju Olle founder, Suh Myungsook.
This year the routes are Olle 20 and 21. The first festival begins on Olle 1, so this year it makes it full circle by ticking 21 off the list.
In an added bonus this year, the KOREAT Food Festival will introduce foods chosen by 100 food experts. Just get down to the Haenyeo Museum on both Oct 30 and 31 to try them out.
2015 Jeju Olle Walking Festival
Friday, Oct 30 and Saturday, Oct 31
Day 1: Olle Trail 20 / Gimnyeong Seonsegi Beach to Haenyeo Museum (15.8km)
Day 2: Olle Trail 21 / Haenyeo Museum ~ Jongdal Badang (10.1km)
*A shuttle bus will run from Jongdal Badang to the closing ceremony and dinner at the Haenyeo Museum
Contact Jeju Olle Foundation for up to date shuttle bus schedules and festival details

Horseback traditions on Jeju Island

For centuries Jeju was defined by its relationship with the horse
“A human should be sent to Hanyang and a horse to Jeju Island.”
This is what the yangban gentleman scholars of Hanyang (Seoul) thought anyway, indicating the Joseon attitude toward the desolate Jeju pastures, fit only for horses or exiled literati.
Jeju was renowned for its horse-nourishing pastures throughout the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) and even today 67 percent of Korean horses and 80 percent of racehorses are Jeju-raised.
Jeju’s horse is natural monument number 347 and you can ride one for yourself through local woodland, rolling hills and thick swaying grass — all framed by the beauty of Jeju’s volcanic cones.
With a price for everyone, riding is more affordable than you might think, so don that cowboy hat and stirrup up!
If you have worked up an appetite, why not try one of Jeju’s many horsemeat restaurants to finish the day?
Jeju Horse Riding Club
152-1 Nokkome-gil, Aewol-eup
+82-64-799-9540 /
7 days a week / 9am-6pm (10pm in summer)
A course (15-20mins) 30,000 won / B course (30-40mins) 50,000 won / C course (60-70mins) 100,000 won
Ttarabi Riding Club:
381-15 Noksan-ro, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si
+82-64-787-0960 /
Weds-Mon / 10am-5pm
Beginner day pass: Two 1-hour lessons and 1 hour free riding / 100,000 won
Intermediate/advanced pass: 1-hour grassland riding with a professional guide
Sinpoong Farm
5417, Iljudong-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si
Open year round / 9am - 5:30pm
Beginner : 20,000won (10mins)

Superior rounds amid Jeju’s natural beauty
From affordable public courses to a course in the world’s top 50, Jeju has it all

Playing golf in Jeju is just like being in heaven — rest, leisure and endless rounds.
Enjoy the green fairways in subtropical warmth on exclusive courses or the best amateur facilities in the world.
Nine Bridges is not only in the top 100 courses in the world, it also has a six-hole public course which has been called the best value in Asia. Ecoland Golf Course, seeded with organic Jeju grass, has a whopping 27 holes and Jeju Country Club’s public course has nine holes on a challenging course.
So, when you think golf think Jeju, as the island flush with titles is soon to have one more — The Island of Golf.
Tip: Do you want help setting up a golf competition on Jeju? Jeju Tourism Organization can make it happen!
*Gifts and awards are given to agents who bring at least 30 Japanese or South East Asians, 60 Chinese or 50 Hong Kongese.
Contact : +82-64-740-6047 /

Jeju Golf Courses
Jeju City
Ora Country Club +82-64-747-5100 /
Jeju Country Club +82-64-702-0451 /
Zephyros Golf Club +82-64-720-7000 /
Plaza Golf Club +82-64-727-9000 /
Hallasan Country Club +82-64-754-5678 /
Eastern Jeju
Ecoland Golf & Resort +82-64-802-8000 /
Crown Country Club +82-64-784-4811 /
Western Jeju
Raon Golf Club +82-64-795-8000 /
Arden Hill Golf & Resort +82-64-730-7000 /
Everis Golf & Resort +82-64-795-5000 /
Elysian Jeju +82-64-798-7000 /
Castlex Jeju Golf Club +82-64-793-6688 /
Tameus Golf & Village +82-64-793-0707 /
Pinx Golf Club +82-64-792-5200 /
Seogwipo City
The Classic Golf & Resort +82-64-766-7000 /
Lotte Sky Hill Country Club +82-64-731-3002 /
Spring Dale Golf & Resort +82-64-805-8281 /
Wooridul Country Club +82-64-766-7700 /
Jungmun Golf Club +82-64-738-1202 /
Teddy Valley Golf & Resort +82-64-793-1000 /
Haevichi Country Club +82-64-766-6200 /
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