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November, the best month for local festivals!
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승인 2015.11.04  10:46:02
페이스북 트위터

Just before the great winter chill descends, November is a full of great chances to get outside and enjoy the crisp freshness.

Going to a mandarin farm is always near the top of the list and families love to spend a day among the orange orchards.

If you are a bit more active you can even join the Jeju Gamgyul Marathon and warm up with the other runners. Not only will you have fun battling the Jeju wind, but you can refresh your mind with Jeju’s beautiful nature.

Once those hunger pangs kick in then it is time to join the Extreme South Yellowtail Fish Festival in Moseulpo. Not only can you catch these slippery fish with your bare hands, but you can also eat them raw, like the locals.

You might need a little walk to help the digestion at this point and there is no better place than the Songaksan Dulle-gil hiking trail that provides some of the most beautiful views in Jeju while you listen to the sounds of the sea.

Picking Jeju’s mandarin crop

The gamgyul, or mandarin, is back!

If you are feeling down because the summer sun has faded, then you can lift your spirits by going for a walk through some of Jeju’s mandarin fields. The bright orange glow is glorious in the autumn sunshine, and their sweet fragrance is unmistakable.

If you go, you not only get to eat as much as you want, but you take home whatever you pick. Get ready for a massive vitamin C boost!

Citrus Museum
441, Hyodonsunhwan-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Jeju Jeoji Art Valley Gamgyul picking
3651-2, Jungsanganseo-ro, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

Marathon celebrates Jeju’s juicy citrus

The 2015 Jeju Gamgyul Marathon comes to the streets of Seogwipo this autumn starting at the Jeju World Cup Stadium on Nov 8.

Starting in the “New Town” of Seogwipo, the course follows the Namwoniljudo-ro (1132), an avenue banked by endless acres of citrus farms with fruits ripening in the crisp November air.

The runners will have the pleasure of trying many of these citruses, if not during the race itself then certainly at the end when boxes of the mandarins are handed out to select runners.

Nov 8 (Sun) 9:30am
5km (Jeju World Cup Stadium to Haeundae Garden, 15,000 won)
10km (Jeju World Cup Stadium to Gwangjang real estate agency, 15,000 won)
15km (Jeju World Cup Stadium to Hyundai Hyodon Nonghyup gas station, 30,000 won)
Full Course (Jeju World Cup Stadium to Namwon intersection, 30,000 won)

Yellowtail Festival that the whole family can enjoy

The Extreme South Yellowtail Fish Festival at Moseulpo Harbor is the best way to warm up as the autumn winds get chilly. You can catch yellowtail fish with your bare hands and then have it served up on a plate for you to eat raw just like a local.

If you are with your kids then there are family events to get involved with as well and plenty of market stalls and other things to see.

Although you are full up by now, Moseulpo is surrounded by some of Jeju’s most historic sites and also some outstanding hiking. Get yourself down to Songaksan Dulle-gil hiking trail for some of the best views in all of Jeju Island.

15th Extreme South Yellowtail Festival
Nov 12 (Thur) to 15(Sun)
Throughout Moseulpo Harbor

Songaksan Mountain
421-1, Songakgwangwang-ro, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

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