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Jeju revs up for 3rd EV expoInternational Electric Vehicle Expo (IEVE) 2016 exhibits Jeju’s growth as an EV hub
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승인 2016.03.16  10:32:24
페이스북 트위터
▲ Jeju’s electric vehicle fleet will be fully powered by Jeju’s wind energy. Photo courtesy Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
The 3rd International Electric Vehicle Expo (IEVE) 2016 opens its doors again March 18 to 24 at the ICC Jeju, Jungmun as Jeju continues down the road to a carbon-free 2030.
It is also the second year the IEVE has received Excellent Trade Exhibition certification from the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy. Other shows to have received the honor include the Seoul Motor Show and the International Green Energy Expo.
Last year the IEVE attracted 72,000 visitors over its 10 days with 73 international companies taking part leading to around 16 billion won in sales and partnerships.
This year the expo will run over seven days and around 100 international companies are expected to take part.
The annual electric vehicle parade was held on March 12 in Jeju City and was open to all EV owners.
The most popular part of the IEVE is the lottery for EV subsidies and this year 19 million won will be available per car irrespective of the model. There will also be a 4 million won subsidy available for charging installation.
Models included in the draw are the KIA Ray, Renault Samsung SM3, BMW i3, Nissan LEAF and more.
As well as increasing the number of cars available, restrictions have been lifted including allowing families to receive more than one car.
The 3rd IEVE 2016 is sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, the Ministry of Environment, the Congressional Renewable Energy Policy Forum, and Jeju Special Self-Governing Province.
Chairman of the International Electric Vehicle Expo Organizing Committee, Kim Dae Hwan, said that the reaffirmation of the IEVE as an Excellent Trade Exhibition has shown it is a leading MICE event in the nation.
“We will focus all our capabilities on growth and creating jobs that contribute to the future of the electric car industry, improving standards and the local economy. This is a true electric vehicle Olympics,” said Kim.
Kim also announced on Feb 24 that attendees registering in advance at will receive a 50 percent discount. Registration on the day will cost 10,000 for each person.
Prize coupons will also be given away with values of 3,000, 5,000 or 10,000 won for local agricultural produce and souvenirs.
For the first time the 1st International Conference on Electric Vehicle, Smart Grid and Information Technology will be held March 21-25 also in the ICC Jeju.
The ICESI 2016 brings together scientists, engineers, computer users, and students to exchange the latest knowledge in the EV, smart-grid, renewable energy and IT industries.
Chairman Kim added: “The third expo will be a de facto economic expo that will boost the local economy as a representative of the electric vehicle industry.”
Jeju aims for all vehicles to be electric by 2030 and will add 5,000 EVs to the roads this year, half of the national total.
The 3rd International Electric Vehicle Expo
March 18-24, ICC Jeju
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