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Soak up the Jeju SpringThese coffee shops are perfect for letting the seasonal warmth back into your life.
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Cafe Mani's Outdoor seating. Photo Courtesy Cafe Mani

Soak up the spring in one of Jeju’s fantastic cafe’s. The food and drink on offer in these cafes are sure to bring back the seasonal warmth into your life.

Jeju Bomnal

25 Aewol-ro 1-gil, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si


With a name meaning "spring day" this guest house/coffee shop is an obvious choice, but its seafront location, quirky art and quaint design add to the spritely mood.

Hallabong cheese muffin

Jeju Bomnal's Hallabong Cheese Muffin. Photo Courtesy Jeju Bomnal

Mandarin and cheese is an unusual combination, but the result is a crumbly, rich and moist cake that is perfect with a steaming cup of coffee.

Salon de Lavant

146-9 Haga-ro, Aewol-eup

070 7797 3708

It is not only the fruity and sweet menu that attracts attention here, but the sunbeams pouring in from outside and the spacious garden under the watch of Gonaebong Peak.

Fruit pancake 10-12,000 won

Salan de Levant's fruit pancake. Photo Courtesy Salon de Levant.

These are all over Instagram, probably for the cute presentation in a stone pot. You get hefty chunks of fruit and liberal dollops of cream, too.

Jeju Bom Cafe

68-16 130-beongil Geomeunyeo-ro (Topyeong-dong), Seogwipo-si


The gardens, the patio, the photo gallery and the sea view all add up to a perfect seasonal experience. It has a surprisingly swanky interior, too.

Brunch 15,000 won

Jeju Bom Cafe's brunch menu. Photo courtesy Jeju Bom Cafe.

Jeju Bom Cafe serves up a delicious light brunch with tomatoes, egg, bacon, baguette and salad.

Haru Hana

155 Jangjeon-ro, Aewol-eup

070 7788 7170

Famous for holding a combined art and farmers’ market in its spacious garden (frequented by Lee Hyori), this coffee shop has also been featured in Cosmopolitan.

Real berry ade 7,000 won

Haru Hana's real berry ade. Photo courtesy Haru Hana

This is a great refresher as the weather warms up in spring. Made with fresh local berries, you will want more than one glass.

Sea and Blue Cafe

30 Hyeongjehaean-ro (Sagye-ri), Seogwipo-si


Stunning views of the canola fields outside and of “Jeju Coffee Arboretum” managed by the coffee shop itself.

“Jejucano” 5,000 won

Sea and Bluecafe's Jejucano. Photo Courtesy Sea and Blue Cafe.

A Jeju-grown coffee with a hint of nurungji (burned rice), served with a slice of Jeju hallabong orange.

Pyeongdae-ri Babo Cafe



This rustic cottage out on Jeju’s east coast has been made into a simple and homely coffee shop. Sit out on the wooden porch and take in the turquoise sea views and fresh breeze.

Carrot cake 5,000 won

Pyeondae-ri Babo Cafe's carrot cake. Photo Courtesy Pyeongdae-ri Babo Cafe.

A slice of their homemade carrot cake is one of the most popular items on the menu. It crumbles deliciously off the fork and is good to share.

Cafe Mani




Sitting down is what makes this place stand out. Its open patio with soft red cushions look directly out to sea creating a communal space bounded by Jeju black stone walls.

Cafe Mani's outdoor seating. Photo Courtesy Cafe Mani.

Hallabong mandarin tea 8,000 won

Things don’t get much zestier than this frothy tea made from Jeju’s famed hallabong mandarins. Your cup will even be garnished with a floating dried slice of the citrus.

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