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Seven years of serving JejuThe Jeju Weekly continues to defy the odds and serve Jeju’s English-speaking community
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승인 2016.05.26  15:27:03
페이스북 트위터

Since inception in 2009, 144 editions of Jeju’s only English-language newspaper have been published. Here are some reflections from people connected to the paper to mark the achievement.

▲ Daryl Coote

“I remember during the early years of The Weekly how important each anniversary was. The first four years of a paper are its toughest, and if it can survive that, well, then it’s established.

When that fourth year came I remember thinking, 'Okay, just one more. One more just to make sure.'

"However, what I failed to realize then was that while I was ticking off its anniversaries I was also ticking off my own. The Weekly and I, we grew up together. We spent our journalism infancy together. And though I have worked for several newspapers since leaving, whenever The Weekly reaches another year I think, “C’mon. One more. For safety.”

Though the Weekly and I may be continents away, it is never far from me. I talk with The Weekly daily and I am honoured to have been a part of its lengthening history.

To The Weekly staff, Prof. Kim and Song Jung Hee my sincere congratulations.”

Here’s to one more, for safety’s sake.“

Darryl Coote
Former assistant editor (2009-2012)

▲ Douglas MacDonald

"Over nearly six years I've covered such stories as the emotional memorial for Japanese victims lost in the 2011 tsunami, the electrically charged protests over the construction of a military base in Gangjeong, the grueling Jeju Iron Man triathlon, the awe-inspiring synchronized cheering competition at the Jeju High School Soccer Championships, the ancient shamanistic rituals of Yeongdeunggut, the colorful Buddha's Birthday celebrations, and the atmospheric and hip Jeju Stepping Stone festival.

With strong support from publisher Song Jung Hee, the editors, and the outstanding staff, The Jeju Weekly has made a concerted effort to cover the top stories of the day in a balanced, timely manner.

I hope The Jeju Weekly will continue to keep us informed for years to come."

Douglas MacDonald
Award-winning photographer for The Jeju Weekly

▲ Darren Southcott

The Jeju Weekly has not only been instrumental in boosting Jeju’s global image over seven years, it has also led campaigns to help protect Jeju culture and the environment.

Its stories span the length and breadth of Jeju Island: from the beaches of Udo to the mystical legends of Chagwido; from the best the northern nightlife to the southern tensions of reckless development.

Congratulations on a great achievement to Song Jung Hee and all of The Jeju Weekly team.

Darren Southcott
Former editor-in-chief (2013-2016)

▲ Sherrin Hibbard

“From the very first issue, The Jeju Weekly was the “go-to” place for expats to find news, information, events and stories about our beautiful island of Jeju.
In swimming around the island to raise environmental awareness, The Jeju Weekly’s online daily updates of our progress was an important part of the Jeju Big Swim campaign.
I will be eternally grateful for the Jeju Weekly’s tremendous help and support from the planning stages through to the subsequent environmental community outreach events in following years.
Thanks to the Jeju Weekly for keeping me connected to the island I love and cherish.“

Sherrin Hibbard
Environmental activist, sailor, adventurer

▲ Dr Anne Hilty

“The Jeju Weekly serves as a beacon from Jeju to the global community. Creatives and scholars from around the world have been able to share the splendors of Jeju due to the this resource.

Having written 150+ articles for The Jeju Weekly, I am frequently contacted by international artists, authors, journalists, filmmakers, researchers and more -- first-hand experience of the paper's global reach.

Beyond its scope as a news and cultural outlet, Song Junghee and staff have regularly provided direct support for a myriad of Jeju-based projects, working collaboratively with Jeju government, university, and numerous other local entities.

The value of Jeju Weekly for the promotion of Jeju Island to the world is inestimable.“

Dr Anne Hilty
Director of EastWest Psyche Ltd (Hong Kong) and Honorary Ambassador of Jeju Island

▲ Joe Kim

“Living as foreigners, far from home, The Jeju Weekly plays an important role in helping inform and unite the international community on the island.

The Weekly has consistently produced interesting and engaging content, suggested new places to explore and delved into the cultural aspects of Jeju.

As we celebrate seven years of the paper, a big thank you to the staff and contributors who have worked countless hours writing, editing, designing and publishing this vital resource for our community.“

Joe Kim
Host, Wonders of Jeju on Arirang Radio

▲ Emanuel Pastreich

“Jeju Weekly is one of the few English-language journals in Korea that is dedicated not just to the translation of Korean articles, but engages in original and insightful investigative journalism. The Jeju Weekly has proven to be a leader and has contributed to Jeju's global image as a leader in peace.“

Emanuel Pastreich
Kyung Hee University professor and author

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