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Summer Festivals Guide 2016The Jeju Weekly picks some of the best festivals for July and August
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승인 2016.07.08  16:51:48
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Children cool-off in the water fountains at Gwakji Beach - Photo by Jeju Tourism Organization

Summer has arrived in Jeju and with it comes an array of fun-packed festivals over the months of July and August.
With the warmer climes there's no shortage of events taking place across the island, be it on the beaches or inland.
Music lovers can enjoy a host of rock and pop bands playing at The Stepping Stone Festival, or for a more classical taste perhaps head to the Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival.
Whether it’s a family affair or a night out with friends, Jeju is packed with fun festivals for all ages and tastes.
To help you choose where to go, The Jeju Weekly has put together some of the best events in the coming weeks.

The Stepping Stone Festival - Photo by Douglas Macdonald

Stepping Stone Festival

Enjoy some of the country’s best bands, fireworks, a flea market and various side and promotional events.

When : 7/8-9
Where : Hamdeok Beach
Contact : 064-752-2225
Program: Musical performances, fireworks, a flea market, and more

Midsummer Night Beach Festival - Photo by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

Midsummer Night Beach Festival

Tapdong’s nightlife takes on a festive mood in the peak of summer. Around 50 bands and performers play various genres of music.

When : 7/23-8/3
Where : Tapdong Jeju Beach Performance Hall, 2 Jungang Street, Jeju City
Contact : 064-728-2714
Programs: Classic, jazz, orchestra, opera, and more.

Samyang Black Sand Beach - Photo by Jeju Tourism Organization

Samyang Black Sand Beach Festival

Samyang Beach is popular for black sand bathing and is well-known for its healing effects. You can also enjoy many cultural programs along the beach.

When : 7/29-30
Where : Samyang Black Sand Beach, Samyang-dong, Jeju City
Contact : 064-728-4713
Programs : Black sand bathing, sand-castle building, exhibitions, musical performances, and more.

Iho Tewoo Beach Festival - Photo by Jeju City Hall

Iho Tewoo Beach Festival

Iho Tewoo Beach is the nearest beach to Shin-Jeju. This festival aims to revitalize Jeju’s unique but disappearing fishing tradition in celebratory mood.

When : 7/29-31
Where : Iho Tewoo Beach
Contact : 064-742-2501
Programs : Learn how to make and row a traditional boat (“tewoo”), wind surfing, fish-catching competition, and more.

Gwakji Gwamul Beach - Photo by Jeju Tourism Organization

Broccoli in “Batdam” at the Beach

Broccoli, a specialty product of this seaside region, is celebrated at Gwakji Gwamul Beach. Visitors and residents meet in broccoli fields bordered by batdam (stone farmfield wall).

When : 7/30
Where : Gwakji Gwamul Beach
Contact : 064-728-8814
Programs : Broccoli beach song festival, broccoli tasting, bare-hand fish catching, and more.

Geumneung Beach - photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

Geumneung Wondam Festival

Geumneung Beach is like a beautiful watercolor painting with a wide white sand beach and a backdrop of the lovely Biyang Island. You can learn about and experience Jeju’s traditional fishing practice of “wondam” (stone anchovy trap).

When : 7/30-31
Where : Geumneung Beach, Hallim-eup, Jeju City
Contact : 064-796-2011
Programs : Singing contest, fireworks, Korean traditional music performance, bare-handed fish catching, and more.

Pyoseon Haevichi Beach White Sand Festival - Photo by Seogwipo City Hall

Pyoseon Haevichi Beach White Sand Festival

Pyoseon Haevichi Beach boasts the widest stretch of white sand on Jeju. You can enjoy beautiful nature as well as regional specialties and traditional practices.

When : 7/30-31
Where : Pyoseon Haevichi Beach, Seogwipo City
Contact : 064-787-6624
Programs : Music concerts, children’s drawing, bare-handed fish catching, and more.

Donnaeko - Photo by Jeju Tourism Organization

The 3rd Donnaeko Mandarin Duck Festival

If you are looking for a cool place during the hot Jeju summer, we recommend you come to Donnaeko Mandarin Duck Festival. Donnaeko where clean water flows and trees providing shade exist, is waiting for you.

When : 7/30-31
Where : Donnaeko plaza
Contact : 064-760-4651
Program: Samulnori performance, Jeju language quiz show, singing contest, and more.

Yerae-dong - Photo by Seogwipo City Hall

Yerae Eco Village Experience Festival

Yerae is an ecovillage that maintains the traditional farming and fishing village of Jeju, located nearby Jungmun Resort Complex. You can cool off from summer’s crashing heatwave with the town’s “Nonjitmul” or cold-water spring, bubbling up from below.

When : 8/6-7
Where : Nonjitmul and Daewangsu River area at Yerae coastal road, Seogwipo-si
Contact : 064-760-4861
Programs : Eco-experience, firefly watching, fish catching, and more.

Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival - Photo by Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival Organizing Committee

Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival [JIWEF]

JIWEF presents you with the golden echo of wind instruments throughout Jeju island. It boasts of both its scale and splendor, as well as its 20-year history.

When : 8/8-16
Where : Jeju Seaside Arts Center in Tapdong, Jeju city
Contact : 064-722-8704
Programs : Wind instruments, public concerts, world-renowned artists, and more.

Dodu-dong - Photo by Jeju City Hall

Dodu Oraemul Festival

Beat the summer heat with the cold spring water of Oraemul or under the shaded stalls where crafts and activities are held. It is a summer festival that both tourists and residents can enjoy together.

When : 8/12-14
Where : Oraemul, Dodu 1-dong, Jeju City
Contact : 064-728-4965
Programs : Fireworks, movie, sailing, water performances, fish catching, photo exhibitions, and more.

Soesokkak - Photo by Seogwipo City Hall

Environment-loving Soesokkak Black Sand Festival

Soesokkak is one of the lesser explored attractions of Seogwipo and also a national historic site of Korea. Deep water, oddly-formed rocks, strangely-shaped stones and a dense pine tree forest welcome you.

When : 8/13-14
Where : Soesokkak beach, Hyodong-dong and Hahyo port, Seogwipo City
Contact : 064-760-4626
Programs : Tube-swimming race, swim fins race, bare-handed fish catching, walking village olle, singing contest, and more.

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