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Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival 2016Island, the Resonance of Wind
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승인 2016.08.05  14:20:33
페이스북 트위터
▲ Wind instrumentalists gather for the Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival 2016 Photos by JIWEF

Leading wind instrumentalists from East Asia and across the globe join accomplished Korean orchestras for the Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival 2016.

Taking the theme Island, the Resonance of Wind, the festival is being held from August 8-16 in Jeju City and Seogwipo venues.

Brass and wind ensembles representing the three Culture Cities of East Asia 2016 - Jeju, Nara in Japan and Ningbo in China - feature in the packed programme of events.

School orchestras, military bands, quartets, quintets and ensembles from Korea, USA, Taiwan, Singapore, Belgium and Switzerland are all taking part.

▲ Music at Sunset Photo by JIWEF

The Wind Ensemble of Ningbo Symphony Orchestra in China and Takamodo High School Brass Ensemble from Nara City in Japan appear for their respective East Asia cities of culture.

Japan's Menagerie Brass Quintet, which took first prize in the festival's Jeju International Brass Competition in 2015, make a welcome return for the 2016 line-up.

And euphonium virtuoso Stephen Mead from the UK, widely regarded as one of the most successful euphonium soloists in the world today, is among featured guests.

The award-winning brass instrumentalist was among a line-up of talented musicians appearing at an opening ceremony at Seogwipo Art Center on August 8.

▲ The festival will be held from August 8-16 Photos by JIWEF

He was joined by the Geneva Brass Quintet from Switzerland, Seogwipo Wind Orchestra, Jeju City and Seogwipo City Union Chorus and the Republic of Korea Jeju Navy Band.

Other Island performers include Jeju National University Wind Symphony and Jeju Clarinet Ensemble - an amateur-only organization which offers free clarinet courses for local cultural development.

More highlights of the nine-day festival include The Best Works by Woo Jong eok, David Gillingham, Rising Star & Maestro Concert, an under-13s band contest, and The 1st Korea Saxophone Ensemble Festival.

Other special guests are the 12-piece O'Brass, a professional brass ensemble from Belgium, and New Third Stream Quartet, accomplished US saxophonists who combine contemporary jazz with modern chamber compositions.

▲ Highlights of the festival include an under-13s band contest Photo by JIWEF

Meanwhile, young musicians have been given a chance to compete in the festival’s under-13s band contest on Saturday August 13 at Jeju Culture & Art Center.

Participating bands are Shenzhen Nanshan Foreign Language School Orchestra, Gwangyang Elementary School Wind Orchestra, Oedo Harmonic Wind Orchestra, Haishan Elementary School Concert Band, I-Do Elementary School Wind Orchestra, Inwha Elementary School Wind Orchestra and Halla Happy Echo Orchestra.

The 1st Korea Saxophone Ensemble Festival also takes place on Sunday, August 14. The participating bands are Geo School Saxophone Ensemble, The Gyeongju Saxophone Society, Grand Saxophone Orchestra, Aropa Saxophone Orchestra, Amabile Saxophone, Korea Saxophone Choir, Echo Saxophone Ensemble and Jeju Saxophone Ensemble.

Jeju International Wind Ensemble - Island the Resonance of Wind is held August 8-18. For full details, including the festival schedule visit

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