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Cosy, comfy and centralAn oasis in the city
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승인 2010.01.28  15:10:05
페이스북 트위터
▲ Yeha Guest House has friendly and welcoming staff; clean and comfortable guest rooms with linen changed daily; free self-cook eggs and toast for breakfast; and Internet, WiFi, free tea and coffee and free international calls available in its downstairs lounge area. Photos by Tracie Barrett, courtesy Yeha Guest House

Considering it is situated just one street away from one of Jeju’s busiest high-ways, Yeha Guest House provides a surprising oasis of calm and tranquility in the heart of the city. It may not have the views found at many seaside lodgings across the island, but for many travelers that is more than made up for by its central location, one street back from the 1132 highway and just a five-minute walk from the Intercity Bus Terminal.

By car, it’s a five-minute drive from Jeju Airport or City Hall, and 10 minutes to Dongmun Market or Shin Jeju. Maps available at the reception desk show these areas in detail and how to get around, plus there is a separate map of popular food and entertainment sites near City Hall.

Uno Park, of Yeha Tour’s International Development Department, said the guest house was started two years ago near Jeju Horse Racing Park under a different name, then moved to the central city and renamed in July 2009. Yeha Guest House and Yeha Tour are separate companies owned by the same corporation.

The accommodation consists of four dormitory rooms with two bunk beds in each, four private rooms with one double or two twin beds, four with one double and one twin, and two with one double and one bunk bed. All rooms, including the dormitories, have their own bathrooms attached. The facility holds a maximum of 35 guests at a time.

Complimentary services include free international calls to 25 countries; Internet in the lounge and WiFi through-out the building; free laundry with detergent, an iron and ironing board provided; individual lockers in the dormitories; cooking facilities and coffee and tea available all day. Unlike many guest houses, Yeha also changes guests’ bed linens daily, provides free toiletries (towel, tissues, shampoo, soap and toothpaste and a hairdryer in each room) and even has a self-service breakfast of eggs, toast and coffee or tea. As you get to cook your own breakfast, the eggs are available any way the guest is capable of dishing up.

Being aligned with Yeha Tour, the guest house also offers Day Tours of the island, alternating between the east and west coasts each day. It also has its own night tour, lasting almost an hour and a half, which takes a maximum of nine guests each evening to Dongmun Traditional Market, Jungang underground market, Youngyeon “to see the night view” and the Coastal Road.

Yet, despite all those services it has to offer, Park says its major strength is its multi-language service. “Our reservation center provides for five different languages,” he said. “Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish. “Our English-speaking staff are going to show maps and give information all about Jeju Island.”

Those staff are also a big part of what makes guests feel at home at Yeha, as is obvious by the many thank you notes to them in the volumes of Yeha’s guest book. Containing sketches, cartoons and comments in many languages, the books give the best recommendations one could want for such a place.

“Jeju is like a paradise and Yeha has been a haven in paradise,” wrote Marcus, of Sweden.
“Most helpful staff ever,” is the comment from Mervyn and James, of London.
“Every good memory starts from Yeha Guest House,” wrote Jing, of China.
“Luv this place. It’s cosy and comfy,” is the opinion of Lee Ping, of Singapore.
And from Mas and Azilah, also from Singapore: “First-class treatment that beats any world-class hotel.”

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