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"Global Youth Culture Forum for Youth Arts Growth" to be held from next yearEvent comes after the success of the “UCLG Youth Forum"
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승인 2017.07.03  10:26:12
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
▲ Jeju youths talk about culture Photo courtesy Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

Following this year’s UCLG Youth Forum, Jeju plans on holding a yearly “Global Youth Culture Forum for Youth Arts Growth”, starting next year.

Jeju province signed a business agreement for this youth culture forum with UCLG and JDC at the Hotel Maison Glad Jeju after the UCLG closing ceremony on May 12.

Governor Won said, "In pursuit of sustainability, we must pay closer attention to our youth, the coming generations. Through this agreement, I am trying to extend UCLG’s vision for a global youth culture forum, and both the value and the future of culture."

This new forum will be a venue for young people, the arts, and global culture experts to come together in order to create an ecosystem for youth culture that helps construct viable youth arts projects, create policies for the expansion of young artistic endeavors, and establish a network of arts busking events.

The hope is that Jeju will become a mecca of youth culture, opening new chapters of expression, innovation, and discussion by and for young artists and culture planners from all over the world on a yearly basis.

Jeju wants to become a home of the arts, a global hub for people from all over the world, supporting and discovering the future of creative expression.

At the conclusion of each new forum, issues about youth culture and the arts will be produced, offering new ideas for social enrichment to journalists who cover culture fields, culture planners, and artists from all over the world.

When special programs founded as a result of joint projects by young artists at the forum take off, additional funds can be raised to support them by attracting globally popular enterprises that want to contribute.

Such fundraising will bring other international organizations to Jeju, in much the same way that Incheon attracted the Green Climate Fund (GCF) secretariat, headquartered in Songdo in 2012.

The GCF is the “only stand-alone multilateral financing entity whose sole mandate is to serve the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change”. It has 1.8 trillion won in assets, UN employees in residence, and it hosts about 120 international conferences.

These, and the many other benefits of nurturing our creative capacities will help transform standard models of growth and development into a more fluid and sustainable response to our most fundamental human needs.

The Governor of Jeju, Won Hee-ryong said, "UCLC has given shape to examples of culture for sustainable cities. I will foster diverse and local cultures, making “community governance” a core value in order to better reflect culture in public policy."

Novelist Hyun Ki-young added, "Jeju’s identity should include the values, history, and traditions of the past in concert with mainstream culture. We need to re-establish history’s support for modernity."

Reintegrating the past into the present, combining art, community, and collaboration in order to respond to the many challenges of modern economies, cultural diversity, and the need for human support.

The future is who we give it to, and how we help them to hold it. Global Youth Forums are events where we can better understand this responsibility and begin to realize it in practical terms.

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