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Ten activities for a warm summer evening on JejuOreum trekking, star gazing, and night views are just some of the things you can enjoy on a warm Jeju summer night.
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When the long days of a Jeju summer turn to night, the island comes alive with new and exciting night time adventuress. Here are ten of them!

This guide was provided by Jeju Tourism Organisation. For more information please check out the official website of the Jeju Tourism Organisation.

1. Sunset, moonlight, starlight, and a cool breeze: Trekking Gunsan, Jeongmul, Saebyeol, and Yongnuni volcanic cones

▲ Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

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As night falls on Jeju, the offshore winds change and the stars gradually come out, shining down on the grassy volcanic cones (oreum). If you take a look at these oreum, you may see small specks of light moving along their trails. These spots of light are the headlamps of trekkers exploring the island’s natural nighttime beauty.

In the dark, a whole different side of Jeju can be seen. It’s one of silhouettes, faint starlight, and the bright lights of fishing boats far offshore.

From Gunsan Oreum you can see as far as Sanbangsan Mountain and Seogwipo city in the distance. Meanwhile, the still life-like nature of Jeongmul Oreum, the starry panorama at Saebyeol Oreum, and the jagged, beautiful ridge at Yongnuni Oreum are all great places to enjoy a nighttime view on Jeju.

At night, though, hiking on the upper ridges of volcanic cones can be dangerous, so please walk in groups of two or more, wear good hiking boots, and bring head lanterns.

2. Hip places for music and merriness: Djing cafe, jazz club, live bar

▲ Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

Night owls like to meet new people in new places and Jeju has some great places to do just that. There’s even an expression for these “exciting nights” in the local Jeju language — bamkonaeng.

Bellon in Gujwa-eup, Take Five in Geumneung, and Matilda in Aewol all frequently have music performances from indie bands and singers which make them great spots for music lovers. If dancing is more your thing, then enjoy a DJ set at Ho Bar on Monday nights.

3. Illuminating the calm evening: Forest Fantasia, Jeju Roses of Light Festival, Glass Castle, Glass Museum

▲ Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

During deep midsummer nights, these captivating illuminated works of art can help you forget the heat.

The theme park Forest Fantasia lets visitors enter a fantasy world through its use of virtual reality space and holographic multimedia. Viewers are treated to images of whales swimming through a forest and the Baobab Tree found in the “Little Prince”. This event is held evenings until midnight at the Jeju Art Park in Andeok-myeon.

Known as the “Roses of Light Festival,” the Jeju Garden of Light in Aewol-eup offers visitors a view of some 50,000 glass roses which are LED illuminated and make for some great photos. It is open until midnight all summer.

Meanwhile, the Jeju Glass Castle & Magic Forest has its own “Starlight Festival” every evening until 10 p.m. The theme as you walk through the site’s forest route is “A stroll through the fantastic melodies of a summer night.” Throughout the Glass Castle are many glittering, illuminated outdoor glass sculptures to discover.

4. Floating through the evening at the Jungmun Tourist Complex: Moonlight stroll at Jungmun, Monkey Beach Club, Vadada Outdoor Lounge, Duty Free Shops

▲ Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

Find out more: Jeju Jungmun Resort

If you’re in the Jungmun area of Seogwipo, on the south of Jeju Island, then there are plenty of ways that you can spend your evening. You can take a pleasant night stroll, do some shopping, or enjoy a coffee or drink outdoors all the while enjoying the moonlight and energy of the evening.

Starting about 30 minutes before sunset, there is a 90-minute, three-kilometer walking course which takes visitors through Jungmun Golf Course and features a spot where you can see one of nature's most spectacular sights, fireflies! Reservations for the first- and third-Friday of the month can be made by calling 1688-5404.

But if air conditioned comfort is more to your liking, then consider visiting the Jeju Duty Free Shop in the International Convention Center Jeju. Through Aug. 15 it will be open until 9 p.m. and various special events and 15 percent discounts will be offered on a number of items. Non-Koreans can purchase up to USD$600 worth of duty free items at a time.

Also in the area of the Jeju Duty Free Shop in Jungmun is the outdoor lounge Vadada. This spectacular outdoor space by the ocean has a secluded, exotic feel — much like a private club or your own beachfront property. With music, drinks, and food, you can enjoy the cool ocean breeze and dance music until 1 a.m.

If you’d like to keep the night going, though, Club Monkey Beach is a popular drinking spot. Every Friday night they offer customers a number of interesting activities including basketball, skipping rope competitions, and a fire show.

5. A night view of Jeju as seen from the sea: Yongdam Coastal Road, Yongyeon Bridge, Sanrok Road, Jeju Port Western Breakwater, Saeyeon Bridge, Seogwipo Jaguri Park

▲ Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

Jeju’s night view is an exquisite combination of the natural and the artificial. The bright neon and hard edges of the city skyline might not be the essence of Jeju, but they envelop and frame the island in a beautiful way.

Yongyeon Bridge and the western breakwater at Jeju Port are famous for just this sort of beautiful night view. Yongdam Coastal Road bathes the waterfront in colorful lights from its many cafes, drawing a thin line in the inky blackness of the night sea and sky. Tapdong Plaza and the western breakwater of Jeju Port also have a similar feeling, with the light of the buildings and lighthouses standing out from an island wrapped in darkness.

This is how the island looks to the fishermen as their vessels roll and wobble through the ocean waves, catching mitra squid kilometers offshore. It’s also how Jeju looks from land, for example from Jeju Science High School on the side of Hallasan Mountain. Or in Seogwipo, from Jaguri Park or Saeyeon Bridge. Either way, the beautiful night view is sure to leave a lasting impression.

6. A summer night wearing hanbok in the city: ‘Night at the Mokgwana’ tourism program

▲ Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

Find out more: Might at the Mokgwana

In the old section of Jeju City, you can spend a pleasant evening outside its oldest building, wear a traditional Korean hanbok, drink a homemade, chilled glass of Jeju orange juice, and enjoy an evening performance. How? It’s all made possible by the summer tourism program titled “Night at the Mokgwana”, which brings the best of the nighttime experience to visitors and residents alike.

Of the performances and programs available during this Saturday evening event are traditional, classical and jazz music concerts, folk plays, Korean clothing and customs experience programs, photo zones, and more. And this will all be held at the beautiful old Mokgwana government office and old Jeju City as a nighttime backdrop. This event takes place every Saturday until Sept. 16 and the event will begin at 6 p.m. For more information, you can call 064-725-0905.

7. Family-friendly music concerts: Jeju Music Festival, Seogwipo Yahae Festival, Saeyeon Bridge Citizen Concert

▲ Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

The Jeju Music Festival (JMF), a picnic-like family music festival where artists from various genres come together in the beautiful scenery of Jeju. It is run under the guidance of second-generation Jeju musician Yang Bang-ean.

This year, the event will be held on Aug. 25 and 26 at the Elysian Resort outdoor special stage. On the 25th, Guckkasten, Depapepe, and Ailee, among others, will perform. The following day, Yang Bang Ean, the Jung In-gwan Band, the Barberettes, and 10cm, among others, will take the stage. More information can be found at

The Seogwipo Yahae Festival, which is held at Pyoseon Beach, will from Aug. 8 through 13. It will be five days of music by the likes of South Carnival, C Jamm, various DJs, and indie rock performers. Also in Seogwipo at Saeyeon Bridge is the summer concert series for locals and visitors. It is held at the bridge every first and third Saturday of the month from 7 p.m. under the theme of “One Summer’s Night Dream.”

8. The stars of Jeju shine all the more brightly: Jeju Starlight World Park and Planetarium, Seogwipo Astronomical Science and Culture Center, Saebyeol Oreum

▲ Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

Find out more: Jeju Starlight World Park

As a smaller, remote island, Jeju is fortunate to have little by way of light pollution problems and its air is cleaner and clearer than most big cities on the mainland. Thus it’s a great place to observe the stars! For example, Jeju Starlight World Park and Planetarium is near Jeju City and the airport but still affords visitors an excellent view of the heavens.

The three-story building has an astronomical projection room, a stereoscopic image viewer, and other display areas where you can learn more about the stars. The planetarium operates from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. during the summer.

On the opposite side of the island at the Seogwipo Astronomical Science and Culture Center is a 400-meter telescope. As well as this, six other telescopes can be used to observe the stars in the night sky. The center operates from 2 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Finally, if you’d like to get as far away from the city as you can, Saebyeol volcanic cone is also a great place to observe the starry sky. Its name means the planet Venus and as that suggests, Saebyeol has a clear view of the morning and evening skies looking southwest away from Jeju’s city center.

9. Have you tried recuperating by the sea or in the valleys? Yongdam Handugi, Iho Tewoo Beach, Donnaeko, Gangjeongcheon, Sokgol, Yongdam Leports Park

▲ Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

Find out more: A remedy for summer: Jeju samgyetang

When you need to replenish your energy after sweating so much during the day, chicken dishes are a popular Korean meal.

One example is Samgyetang, a simmered chicken soup that is rich in flavor, essential amino acids, vitamin C from jujube fruit, and is infused with the antibacterial properties of garlic. It’s eaten during the hottest days of summer, and especially on the 20th day of the 6th month of the lunar calendar (August 11 of this year’s solar calendar).

Yongdam-dong is a popular place for a boiled chicken cuisine called baeksuk and most restaurants are open until 11 p.m. or 12 a.m. There are many such restaurants and food stalls in front of Iho Tewoo Beach. Donnaeko and Gangjeongcheon also have plenty of outdoorsy, cool spots where you can enjoy the dish with your feet dipped in a refreshing, natural stream. It doesn’t get much cooler than that!

Many Jeju residents also head out to Yongdam Lesports Park for their preferred summer night spot. Camping is allowed here, so if you want to barbeque, then this is the place. You can even rent little stoves on which to cook your meat. A nearby basketball court and playground for the kids means that everyone can relax and enjoy the cool night together.

10. Craft beer using clean Jeju spring water: Jespi, Magpie, Jejusien

▲ Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

Find out more: A year of Magpie on Jeju

A beer’s taste is greatly influenced by the water that is used. So starting with the famously clean Jeju springwater is a great idea! If you like craft beers, then you must try some of the beers made on Jeju. Jespi is the representative handmade island beer using natural Jeju barley. There are five types, including lager. Jespi is located in the Yeon-dong neighborhood of Jeju City.

Magpie, meanwhile, originates from a small pub in Itaewon, Seoul. They opened a hot new bar in Tapdong while the beers are brewed nearby in Hoecheon.

As well as Jespi and Magpie, bars including the Drunken Horse in Yeon-dong and Suje Beer in Jungmun and both pubs that serve excellent craft beers. Jeju may be small, but it is well stocked with creative breweries. Jejusein Brewery in the Best Western Hotel even has a Jeju citrus beer!

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