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Guide to Jeju's new bus systemHere is a list of the main changes that will into play on Aug. 26
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승인 2017.08.21  10:41:49
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▲ Jeju's old orange and green buses will soon become a thing of the past Photo courtesy The Jeju Weekly

Jeju’s transportation system will be reformed as of Aug. 26 to offer a faster, easier, and cheaper transportation service. Changes include a cheaper bus fare of 1,200 won, transfer discount benefits, and an express route operation which will enable people to travel between popular spots in the province within an hour.

Moreover, the number of buses on Jeju will increase from 530 to 797, which is a 50% increase. Also, every bus will provide free wifi and the design of the buses will be improved. Finally, bus lanes will be introduced to improve bus travel times during busy periods.

More recent news

Here is a summary of the main changes.

1. Travel fares throughout Jeju will be set at 1,200 won.

The standard bus fare will be 1,200 won with a 50 won discount for using a transportation card.

Before the change: This 1,200 won bus fare was limited to certain areas.

After the change: You can travel anywhere on the island using certain buses for 1,200 won.

The time in which it is possible to transfer buses without an extra charge will be extended from 30 minutes to 40 minutes. You will be able to transfer a maximum of two times per fare.

2. 12 express bus routes will be established to connect the airport, bus terminal, and new transfer bus stops.

Bus routes (Road name, road number (number of routes)): Ilju noseon, 1132 (2); Pyeonghwa-ro, 1135 (2); Beonyoung-ro, 97 (2); Namjo-ro, 1118 (1); Bijarim-ro, 1112 (3); 5․16 Road, 1131 (2).

Fare: 2,000 won will be charged for the first 20 km. An extra 500 won will be charged per 5 km after that up to a maximum fare of 4,000 won.

If you pay using cash, the maximum fare of 4,000 won will be charged.

The new system aims to make travel out of the airport easier by quickly connecting travelers to the regional transfer bus stops.

3. Overall system reform and simplification.

Before the change: 644 routes → After the change: 149 routes

The island will be divided into four regions; Northeast (Jocheon, Gujwa), Northwest (Aewol, Hanlim, Hangyeong), Southeast (Namwon, Pyoseon, Seongsan), Southwest (Andeok, Daejeong). There will be 45 bus routes that run in these areas.

4. Increased number of buses, design improvements, and free wifi.

The number of buses running throughout Jeju will increase from 530 to 797

Free wifi will be offered on all buses

New number system will identify the type of bus, departing stop, final stop, and bus route.

Types of bus will be numbered as follows: Express bus (100), Main line bus (200), Jeju City main line bus (300), Jeju City feeder line bus (400), Seogwipo main line bus (500), Seogwipo feeder line bus (600), Rural routes (700).

Each bus will have a certain color depending on the type of bus.

5. Public transportation bus lanes (three sections that make up a total of 15.3km)

Roadside lane (11.8km): Donggwang-ro and Seogwongro, Doryeong-ro, Nohyeong-ro (From Musucheon Sagyeori to National Jeju Museum)

Main lane (3.5km): Joongang-ro (Gwangyang Crossroads to Ara Elementary School 2.7km), Gonghang-ro (Airport entrance~Haetaedongsan 0.8km)

Vehicles allowed to use the bus lanes: Public buses, chartered buses, taxis, emergency vehicles, etc.

Operation hours: Main lane: 24/7. Roadside lane: Weekdays from 7 a.m. - 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. (Weekends and public holidays are exempt)

6. Two new routes for traveling between the main tourist attractions on the east and west coast.

Origin destination: Daecheon (East), Donggwang (West). The bus will run at 30 minute intervals and there will be a tour guide on each bus.

Eastern region main stops: Geomun Oreum ↔ Dongbaekdongsan Wetland ↔ Bijarim Forest ↔ Darangshi Oreum ↔ Songdang Village

Western region main stops: Shinhwa World ↔ Osulloc Tea Museum ↔ Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art ↔ Jeju Gotjawal Provincial Park

7. Jeju traffic welfare card

A card for free bus travel for people over the age of 70, people with disabilities, etc.

Before the change: ID card was checked before getting the fare exemption

After the change: After tagging the transport card, the user's ID will be checked.

Who can apply for the card: People over the age of 70, people with a registered disability, men of national merit

Before change: Free travel only for public buses

After change: Free travel on public and private buses (Not including express buses and the airport limousine)

Card Application: Application form will be available at every Jeju Bank from July 3.

* For villages without a Jeju Bank, community centers will receive the application forms by Sept. 29.

Aewol-eup, Gujwa-eup, Jocheon-eup, Hangyeong-myeon, Andeok-myeon

8. Public transportation system reform

Public Buses will be operated by local public enterprises. (From January, 2018. They will be operated by special accounts in local public enterprise)

Private Bus: A semi-public system will be adapted (common management of income and routes)

Future Plans

1. On-site inspection and confirmation by companies of the bus route timetable (in July)

2. Distribution of route information leaflets (July-August)

3. Web search services will be offered on Daum Kakao mobile (August)

4. Test operation and completion of infrastructure facilities like transfer stops (July-August)

5. The new system will start on Aug. 26

* You can check the finalized bus route system which will be operated as of Aug. 26 on the Jeju Province website (

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