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2017 International Residency Program workshop by Justin Tyler TateThose interested in the program can apply via email or phone
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승인 2017.08.21  14:42:28
페이스북 트위터
▲ Photo courtesy Justin Tyler Tate

The 2017 International Residency Program workshop is a series of workshops run by the current International Residency artist Justin Tyler Tate. Those interested in joining the art program can contact Seo Eun A via email at or on 064-800-0331.

An exhibition of Justin’s work will be on display during the Jeju Biennale 2017 which will take place from Sept. 2 until Dec. 3.

About the artist

Justin Tyler Tate was born in Canada, grew up in the United States and now works internationally.

Receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts from NSCAD University and a Master of Fine Arts from Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts, his work combines elements of sculpture, installation, media, performance and social art.

Tate’s work is concerned with ideas of space, function, interactivity and environment. In combining traditional methods of making, do-it-yourself approaches, research, experimentation as well as explorations of pedagogy, Tate is able to alter how space is perceived, interpreted and experienced.

To learn more about him, please go to:


Conceptual Realism Drawing Workshop & Picnic

When: August 26th, 2017 (Sat.) 10am-1pm

- Participants: up to 10 families (kids or youth mainly but welcome everyone!)

-Provided materials: One large sheet of paper, 20 pencils, 3 fine felt tip or brush tip markers/pens, snacks, drinks (water, lemonade, juice).

In this workshop for children and adults, participants will collaborate on a large drawing. Those attending the workshop are asked to find plant specimens from the local area and will then be given tips on how to draw them.

After they sketch out their plant cuttings with pencil, they will be able to add color by using the real pigments contained within the plant specimens. Each part of each plant is colored using its own natural chemistry thus creating a chemically accurate representation of the drawn subject matter.

Cup-A-Soap Workshop

When: Sept. 8 2017 (Fri.) 1-3 p.m.

Number of participants: up to 10-12 persons

Provided materials: Twoliterss of oil (can be the same as the perfume workshop), one kg of lye, 50 paper cups, one or two blenders, two permanent markers, chopsticks.

City Smells: making perfume out of the urban landscape

When: Sept. 15 2017 (Fri.) - 1-3pm

Number of Participants: up to 10-12 persons

Materials: One litre of rubbing alcohol, one liter of scentless oil (grape seed, almond oil, jojoba oil), one small jar of Vitamin D, at least 10 jars (can be brought by participants), at least 10 spray bottles.

About Art Space IAa

Art Space IAa is supporting the artists participating in the international artist-in-residence program 2017.

This program is open to international artists/curators/researchers working in visual arts (contemporary art). This is the first residency program run by Jeju Foundation for Arts and Culture (JFAC) on Jeju Island, Korea.

The selected artists is a part of the Urban Renewal Project supported by Jeju Province's government. The program will be in a form of different type of exhibitions, education program, community project and Art-lab (mix-matching of Art and Jeju's unique History, Mythology, Sociology, Science and Nature(research based) as an out-come

Where is it?

Community Hall, on the third floor of Art Space IAa.

Address: (63169) 21,14th road, Joongang-ro, Jeju City, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (제주 제주시 중앙로14길 21)

Homepage :

How to get there?

Transportation: Bus 500, Bus 100, Bus 92, Bus 10, Bus 37

You can get off at Gwandeokjeong (관덕정) or Joonangro (중앙로)

The Art Space IAa is located near Megabox movie theater (중앙로 메가박스)

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