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Popular Jeju related search termsRecent study analyzed the most searched for Jeju related words on Naver.
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승인 2017.08.24  15:40:44
페이스북 트위터

Data from an analysis of the most searched for Jeju related words on Korea’s most popular search engine ‘Naver’ was presented recently.

The analysis showed that people in their 20s and 30s mainly searched for popular tourists attractions while people in their 50s and 60s mainly searched for real estate.

Jeju Tourism Organization and Naver announced the results of this analysis at a seminar called the ‘Big Data and Service Seminar for Jeju Tourism Activation’ which was held at the Jeju Welcome Center on July 6.

The analysis was done by Dr. Hyo Ju-jeong from Naver. He analyzed five million keywords related to Jeju that people searched for on Naver in 2016. The overall number of hits for these search terms is over one hundred million.

The most searched for word in 2016 was ‘weather’ which is an important factor in traveling.

The Korean phenomenon of a “matjip” (delicious restaurant) proved popular with many of the most popular terms being for “matjips” near to popular tourist sites.

Udo Island Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

In fact, the second most searched for term was people looking for restaurants on Udo Island.

This was closely followed by people looking for restaurants near Seongsan Sunrise Peak, Jungmun Resort, Jeju City, and then Aewol.

Seongsan Sunrise Peak Photo courtesy Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

Many tourist attractions also ranked very highly. Soesokkak in Seogwipo was the seventh most searched for term, beating Udo Island into eighth place.

After this came Seopjikoji in tenth place followed by Seongsan Sunrise Peak in 12th, Hyeopjae Beach in 15th place and Cheonjiyeon Waterfall in 19th place.

Among these tourist attractions, Udo Island, Soesokkak, and Seopjikoji were noticeable as they were in the top ten regardless of the season. Sanbangsan, Bijarim Forest and Saryeoni Forest Road were also noticeable search terms.

As well as Jeju’s popular natural sites, some sites operated by private businesses also ranked highly. Camellia Hill, a privately owned arboretum, ranked at number 14, while Jeju Aqua Planet ranked at number 20, O’sulloc Green Tea Museum at 21 and Sanbangsan Hot Springs at 30.

There were some notable differences according to the age of the people searching. People in their 20s searched for Jeju weather, Soesokkak, Udo Island, and Seopjikoji whereas people in their 30s searched for Soesokkak, Jeju Aqua Planet, Udo, Seopjikoji and Camelia Hill.

On the other hand, people in their 50s searched for townhouses. Houses in Jeju-si, Aewol, and Yusuan-ri were especially popular search terms.

Jeju’s festivals were popular among Naver users, especially those related to Jeju’s seasonal plants. The Cherry Blossom Festival, Canola Flower Festival, and Green Barley Festival were by far the most popular spring festivals.

However, not many people searched for festivals in summer due to the lack of popular festivals in this season.

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