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2017 KOREAT Jeju Festival on Sept. 29-30, Korea's No. 1 food ranking guide of KOREAT"s food festivalA complete guide to 2017 KOREAT Jeju Festival
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What is KOREAT?

What are the Korea’s best restaurants of the year? KOREAT is the restaurant ranking list selectively chosen by the food industry experts of Korea, and at the same time it is the festival to experience the best Korean gourmet. The name KOREAT is a compound word of ‘KOREA’ and ‘EAT’ which convey the meaning of ‘to let the Korean diners as well as the world know, eat, and share Korean food culture’.

KOREAT is organized to provide trustworthy and precise dining information to foreigners visiting Korea and to determine the presence of food culture that the people consume. The food category includes traditional Korean cuisine as well as Modern Korean, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and other diverse cuisines that are present in Korea.

2017 KOREAT Jeju Festival

With a beautiful scene of Jeju, we have prepared a variety of programs for customers to enjoy.Visitors will be able to taste outstanding foods from the TOP restaurants chosen by KOREAT and enjoy unique experience of cooking show hosted by popular chefs in Korea.

Date : Sept. 29 (Fri..) ~ Sept. 30 (Sat.)

Venue & Locations : 3 selected places

a. Jeju International Convention Center : 2700, Jungmun-dong, Seogwipo, Jejuo, Korea

b. Somerset Jeju Shinhwa World : 139, Sinhwayeoksa-ro, 304beon-gil, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju, Korea

c. Haevichi Hotel & Resort Jeju : 537 Minsokhaean-ro, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju, Korea

Major Programs


-“TOP KOREAT Restaurants on the Street”

-The TOP KOREAT restaurants of the year are coming to the streets of Jeju.

The KOREAT Food truck will visit a famous tourist site in Jeju for all the Jeju residents and tourists to taste the leading Korean gourmet cuisines.

Please come and enjoy the TOP KOREAT restaurants reinvented as a tapas dish along with the beautiful scenery of Jeju.

-VENUE : Front square of the Jeju International Convention Center in Jungmun

- Restaurant lineup : Nangpoon Babsang (낭푼밥상), Tau Yuen (도원), Dooreyoo (두레유), Terreno (떼레노), Votremaison (보트르메종), Bonpiyang & Byeok-Je, (봉피양 & 벽제갈비), Super PAN (수퍼판), Sundae History (순대실록), All That Jeju (올댓제주), Jinjin (진진), Hong Yuan (홍연)


-“The Magical Cook Show Live Before Your Eyes”

The secret recipes hidden in the kitchens will arise to the stage.

Korean TOP chefs cook their signature cuisine, streaming live from open stage.

Please enjoy the live show of Korean TOP chefs and bartenders, collaboration with French Le Cochon and Italian Ristorante EO, with bartender Son’s cocktail performance.

-Served with their cuisine and cocktail.

-Venue : Somerset Jeju Shinhwa World & Haevichi Hotel & Resort Jeju

- 29th September (Fri) / Somerset Jeju Shinhwa World, 2F, Club House

• 13:00 PM ~ : Lecochon + Ristorante Eo Collaboration

• 18:00 PM ~ : Soko Bar + Chef Alan Collaboration

-30th September (Sat) / Haevichi Hotel & Resort Jeju

• 13:00 PM ~ : Terra13

• 18:00 PM ~ : The Plaza Hotel taoyuen

KOREAT TOP 50 (A to Z) (English)

Please go to

KOREAT TOP 10 STORY (A to Z) (English)

Please go to

Homepage : (English is available)

All Photos courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

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