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Jeju is different! Don’t worry! A COMPLETE guide to waste disposal system
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승인 2017.10.18  06:51:58
페이스북 트위터

How to dispose of recyclable garbage?

In Jeju, each day of the week is dedicated to specific categories of garbage to be disposed;

- Plastic (PET): Monday, Friday, Sunday

- Recyclable plastic wrappers: Thursday, Sunday

- Paper and milk cartons: Tuesday, Saturday

- Cans and metals: Wednesday

- Glass bottles: Tuesday, Saturday

- Styrofoam: Thursday, Sunday

Waste disposal hours?

-3pm ~ 4am

Some Jeju residents complain about the hours, saying that disposing of different recyclable garbage on a different day is acceptable, but throwing them away at certain hours only is so inconvenient.

Everyday disposal ? food waste and combustible general waste

Food waste (24 hours’ disposal possible)

a. The pay-as-you-throw food waste management system has been in effect nationwide since Jan 1. 2013. Jeju residents living in apartment buildings or residential areas of more than 50 houses are required to dispose of food waste using the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Reader) system. Those living in areas with no access to RFID bins will use plastic food waste bags and dispose of waste at a “Clean House.”

b. Separate plastic bags exclusively for food waste of restaurants

Combustible general items (3pm ~ 4am)

For the ‘combustible general waste’ (가연성 일반쓰레기) in Jeju, and you should use the standard 5, 10, or 20 liter white garbage bags. The garbage plastic bags can be purchased at convenience stores, E-mart, Lottemart, etc.

What about non-combustible general items?

The non-combustible general waste (비연소성 일반쓰레기) such as broken glasses, ceramics, porcelain dishes, etc, you should use green plastic garbage bags which can be purchased at the same place as white plastic ones for combustible general items.

Trials period and penalties?

-From December 2016 to June 2017, a trial period of new rules went into effect.

-New rules really took effect from July 2017.

-Starting from October 2017, non-compliance can result in a fine of up to KRW 1,000,000

How to dispose of oversized items such as furniture, refrigerators, electronic products, office appliances, heating/cooling items?

That cannot be put in standard size plastic bags. There is a fee for disposing of these items. It varies from KRW 2,000 to KRW 15,000, depending on the types and size of the items. Please talk to your property landlord or manager, real estate or relocation agent for the contact details of your local community office (‘dong’ office 동사무소) - sometimes you will have to go to the dong office, pay the fee, pick up the sticker, and place it on the item before it will be picked up.

What is a special disposal?

Some other items, such as batteries, cell phones and unused medicine, need careful disposal. Community centers and waste disposal places have a separate container for properly disposing of batteries and cell phones, while local governments recommend taking unused medicine to your nearest drug store for proper disposal.

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