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A Global Marathon Festival Starts on Sun, May 26 at Gujwa Life Sports ParkUp to 10 Participants can Join Okinawa Marathon for Free, and More Events
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승인 2019.05.14  10:24:42
페이스북 트위터

Hosted by Jeju Province and organized by Jeju Tourism Association, "The 24th Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival" is held on Sunday, May 26 at Gujwa Life Sports Park in Jeju-si and across Jongdal Coastal Road.

Started in 1995, Jeju Marathon Festival is the first Korean marathon for general citizens. The course consists of Jeju's beautiful emerald shores at this sports festival, where participants of any gender or age, in groups of families and couples can enjoy. Over 5,000 marathoners from Korea and abroad will join the event this year.

Last year, more than 800 marathoners from over 20 nations including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the U.S., and the U.K had joined. This year, more than 1,000 foreign participants are expected to join the festival, creating an international festivity of marathoners.

The four courses include full course (42.195km), half course (21.0975km), shortened course (10km), and walking course (10km) as authorized by Korea Association of Athletics Federations. Entry fees are affordable at 30,000 KRW for full and half courses, 20,000 KRW for shortened and walking courses.

You can submit the application and the entry fee on the official website (, and the deadline for application is May 4. JTO's Marathon Festival Office (T.064-741-8772-3) and other domestic promotional offices (Seoul 02-3789-8861~3, Gwangju 062-234-8861~3, and Busan 051-412-4091~2) also accept applications.

Trophies and prizes are awarded to the 1st-5th places winners, free admission for overseas marathons such as Okinawa Marathon (Japan) are gifted to up to 10 full and half course winners, and certificates and prizes are presented to winners of each gender by age groups (by decade) and event (only one prize per person). The Festival will also organize team competitions and present awards for most active participants.

Every participant in the Marathon Festival will receive commemorative medals, t-shirts from a popular sports brand Dynafit, and healthy porridge made of Jeju's specialty product, sea abalone. At the venue, various event programs will be held, and generous prizes (air tickets, luxury hotel vouchers, and electronic appliances) will be given away by lottery.

Also, 300 winners will be randomly selected among the marathoners who apply by May 4 for an autograph and photo session with Lee Bong-ju, with a gift of the imprinted mug.

On the day of the event, free shuttle buses are operated in Jeju and Seogwipo. For the safety of runners, the traffic between Gujwa Life Sports Park (Gimnyeong Beach) ⟺ Woljeong Beach ⟺ Handong Beach, Pyeongdae ⟺ Sehwa Beach ⟺ Hado Beach ⟺ western entrance of Jongdal Coastal Road will be completely blocked at 9:00-15:00.

In its 24th anniversary, the Marathon Festival has continued to grow and advance based on their past experience and expertise. The organizers will focus on enhancing their program and marketing for the Festival to establish itself as a global sports event.

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